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Digital Printed Blouse

Digitally printed blouse types appeal to women of all ages with their special production models. Print samples applied on fabrics in different colors do not wear out easily with their robust properties. Wholesale women's digital printed blouses are produced in the desired quantity and by applying the preferred printing. The prints embroidered on the blouses using the latest technology have eye-catching designs.

Kazee Digital Printed Blouse Models

Kazee, which draws attention with its flamboyant blouse productions, wholesale women's digital printed blouse designs, private label products as well asIf you want to see the logo of your own brand on the printed blouses, you can decide on the design you want and place a wholesale order. You can get ahead of your competitors by delivering your digital printed blouses with quality label designs produced with Kazee difference to your users.

Digital Printed Production and Printing Technology

Digital printing machines are machines that transfer print with high temperature. It generally transfers at 90 degrees. There is oil in the section called cylinder of the sublimation transfer machine, and after this oil rises to 90 degrees, the transfer process starts. Their dyes are special and they create patterns as fabric transfer during heat. A pattern is given on the paper with digital printing ink. In our company, we print all our designs on paper with our digital printing machines and print them in our sublimation transfer section. Our monthly capacity is 40,000 products. 

Digital Printed Products Design 

Kazee factory produces with its designers working in every field. digital printing and print manufacturing We have special designers forOur professional designers work on patterns according to the trends of the day. Our designed products go into production after the sample study. You can send the design you want to our company and we can develop and present the design you have sent.

Wholesale Women's Clothing and Digital Printed Products

Wholesale women's clothing industry, the most important element of the Fashion and digital sublimation printing technology offers a quick solution to the changing fashion understanding of the day. Speed ​​and capacity are very important issues in production technology and pave the way for companies. Our company Wholesale Fashion provides services with its production power, designs and quality in the understanding of


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Field of Activity of our company: Wholesale women's clothing, women's clothing production, Blouse production and wholesale for sale, manufacture of digital printing.

Kazee has been engaged in the production and wholesale of women's clothing in Turkey since 1992. 




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