Kazee Wholesale Quality Women's Clothing

      One of the leading companies in Wholesale Women's Clothing, Kazee is a Turkish Wholesale Women's Clothing Manufacturer and Exporter. It is the wholesale clothing company preferred by customers who want to order women's clothing from Turkey

      women's clothing meets fashion and professionalism, has a wide range of products in the wholesale sector. Kazee, which manufactures trend models in America and Europe, is one of the leading companies in wholesale women's clothing in Turkey.

      Istanbul Wholesale Clothing market Laleli Our company, which has two stores in.

      Wholesale Clothing Products ; Knitwear, coats, trousers, outerwear, coats, jeans, shorts, shirts, leggings, dresses, cardigans, jackets have many more product ranges. Our company, which always has stock service, exports thousands of models and colors wholesale. Our company, which exports from Turkey to the whole world, offers corporate services.

      Factory Outlet Wholesale Women's Clothing service, produces wholesale products in our factory in Topkapı, in our 2 Factory stores in Laleli, and is also sold online on.

      Kazee Official site. Kazee is Turkey's Online Wholesale Women's Clothing Site , we are sending women's clothing products quickly. We send your online orders directly from our factory to the addresses we are in. 

      Wholesale Women's Clothing Turkey - Wholesale Womens Clothing Manufacturer in Istanbul

      in Istanbul Laleli, which is the wholesale clothing center, Our company, locatedSince the day it was founded, it has been one of the leading companies in the women's clothing sector. Our company, which produces women's textile products, carries out all its products in its factory in Istanbul, Topkapı. 

      Turkish wholesale clothing market provides service with wholesale stores in Laleli. Laleli is a region where many women's clothing stores are located. There are lots of cargo and hotels in this centre, and we have wholesale stores in the middle of this centre.  

      Antalya wholesale women's clothing store is in Belek Rixos Hotel. Antalya is a location where many European tourists come to, and Rixos is an important hotel in this region. Kazee store, which provides wholesale service to its customers at the entrance of the hotel.

      Our company, which produces women's clothing in Istanbul Topkapı, has an annual production capacity of 1,000,000 pieces. We produce women's knitwear, shirts, trousers, blouses, tracksuits in Istanbul. Kazee Reel textile factory, which is one of the few production factories in Turkey, serves with its expert staff of 200 people. We export to many countries, among them; We export directly to America, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Portugal, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya and many other countries without intermediaries.

      Turkish Textile Our company, which is working on exporting the power of.

      Istanbul Wholesale Clothing Market - Istanbul Clothing Supplier Center

      Istanbul Wholesale Clothing and Supplier Market Kazee, which is a leader in the regions of Merter, Osmanbey, Gungoren, Zeytinburnu, Bayrampaşa, Laleli, directs the 

      wholesale clothing sector with its staff specialized in women's clothing. 

      Combining years of experience and production power, Kazee is one of the busy clothing wholesalers of Istanbul. 

      In this sector where competition is intense, our company is at the forefront with its quality. Our company, which always gives importance to quality, produces professional solutions for its customers. Online Wholesale Women's Wholesale Clothing is one of the most important organizations ofAs it is known, Merter, Osmanbey and Laleli  have markets.the Laleli market, where women's clothing is mostly sold wholesale women's clothing . It exports women's clothing products of many stores and brands from abroad.

      Merter wholesalers, Osmanbey Wholesalers, Güngören Wholesalers, Laleli Wholesalers, makes a difference with its production power.

      Kazee in Merter wholesale textile and Laleli Textile market Kazee

      Istanbul Wholesale Textile market Merterand Laleli is the leading company of Our company has superior collections that combine quality, elegance and fashion. We are always struggling to produce the highest quality product range. All the raw materials we use are produced in the best factories of Turkey and are designed with the professional staff of our company and shipped to our stores in the Laleli market. Our company, which offers a very wide collection to its customers, produces in high quality standards. 

      In our wholesale stores, we offer our beautiful products to our customers who buy Boutique Wholesale Clothing. Hundreds of stores working with our company are preferred because our company focuses on Quality and Price focused Trend Models . Kazee women's clothing products, where fashion finds its soul, is a company with high customer satisfaction.

      Wholesale women's clothing sector, provides online service, you can choose hundreds of models on our site and place an order. 

      The Ladies Textile products you have chosen are shipped to your address after passing the control of our professional staff. Apart from the competition of clothing wholesalers, our company offers the best prices to its customers. 

      Your wholesale orders placed online are shipped to the whole world. We provide very fast service with our center close to cargo companies. Our online wholesale clothing center provides service on 1300 square meters and serves 250,000 stock products. 

      There seems to be a variety among wholesale women's clothing prices, buy fabric quality, sewing quality, design and fast sales strategy are very important. Kazee offers its products with all these features to the world markets. Boutiques that prefer us sell their women's clothing products very quickly.

      Things to Consider in Wholesale Women's Clothing Orders 

      Trust ; Trust is one of the most important issues in wholesale clothing orders, you want to have confidence when ordering from the countries you are in to Turkey. Kazee is an organization that has been serving its customers with confidence since 1992.

      Quality ; Kazee products, produced with years of experience, knowledge and mastery, are at the top level of the women's clothing industry in Turkey. All the materials used and our production take place in Turkey. 

      Price ; We work with a focus on quality and price, our prices are very attractive considering the yarn and fabric qualities we are equipped with. Kazee company exports 1,000,000 pieces of women's clothing. 

      Our Advantages in Buying Wholesale Clothing Among

      Wholesale clothing prices are high design, fashion, quality, price, product variety and commercial ethics. You can shop with confidence from our company. 

       Since the day we were founded, our wholesale clothing manufacturing and sales principles are in this direction. We produce customer-oriented women's clothing products. We have many European and American customers working for years. 

      We have many advantages, among them our quality, product variety, fast shipping opportunities, our professional staff and our most trendy models stand out. According to our quality, our prices are in the most suitable way with a wholesale focus. Kazee is a branded wholesaler in the women's clothing industry, it is the strongest manufacturer and wholesaler of women's clothing in its region. 

      Kazee Wholesaler, Where World Boutiques Buy Women's Clothing

      serve thousands of boutiques around the world, among the cities where our boutiques are located; Moscow, New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Cairo, Morocco, Almata, Astana, Baku, Tehran, Tabriz, Los Angeles, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Milan, Lyon, Athens, Bucharest, Odessa, Kyiv, Bishkek, Riyadh, Dubai, Montenegro, Kosovo, Montreal, Rome boutiques stand out, and we serve many Boutiques all over the world. Our company, which is preferred by retail stores, is the company that comes to the fore in the women's clothing sector and wholesale sales with the Kazee brand. 

      We produce our collections for the whole world, not for a region. We revise our production every day with the critiques from our customers. We sell the products that we produce in our own factory to the whole world as a wholesaler. All our boutique customers shop with confidence.

      Wholesale Women's Clothing Products;

      Our brand Kazee, which manufactures in all areas of women's clothing, has a wide, high quality and stylish product range. Our company's wholesale women's clothing products and categories; 

      • Wholesale Women's Knitwear and Women's Sweater Models : Turtleneck knitwear, Stand-up collar knitwear, Bicycle collar knitwear, V-neck knitwear, Bat sleeve knitwear, Embroidery stone knitwear, Large size knitwear, Angora knitwear, Angora patterned knitwear, Angora glitter knitwear, Hooded cotton knitwear basic knitwear, short sleeve knitwear and dozens of colorful women's knitwear models on our site. All of the yarns we use are of high quality. Women's knitwear is one of the best-selling products in stores and our company has a large collection. We sell high quantity wholesale products, especially in Basic Women's Knitwear. 

      • Wholesale Women's Outerwear Women's Raincoats, Women's Jackets, Women's Coats, Vests You can find many more models such asYou can find the most preferred products of winter months on our website. 

      • Wholesale Women's Shirts Women's Stone Shirts, Women's Satin Shirts, Tunic Shirts, Plus Size Shirts, Women's Shirts, Cotton Shirts You can find the largest collection ofOur Shirt collection, preferred by many of our customers, fits every region. We have production and export in large quantities in the women's shirt sector in wholesale. 

      • Wholesale Women's Trousers : Women's Large Size Trousers, Women's Elastic Waist Trousers, Women's Stone Embroidered Trousers, Women's Leggings, Ladies Jeans and many more women's trousers models can be found on our site.

      We carry out the production of women's trousers with great precision and professionalism. We stand out with our patterns and fabric quality. We serve all regions online. 

      • Wholesale Women's Tracksuit Sets : You can find Women's Long-Sleeved Tracksuits, Short-Sleeved Tracksuits, Hooded Tracksuits, Plus-Size Tracksuits and many women's tracksuits on our website. 

      Tracksuit Sets have recently entered all areas of our lives and in line with the demands of our customers, our company attaches great importance to tracksuit collections. 

      • Wholesale Women's Cardigans : You can find Wool Cardigans, Angora Cardigans, Knitwear Cardigans and the most stylish mother's cardigans, plus size cardigans on our website. We manufacture and wholesale all kinds of products that many of our customers call "Mother's cardigans".

      • Wholesale Women's Tunic : You can find beautiful women's tunic models on our site. You can order our women's tunic collections, which are worn over sports trousers and are a part of daily life, online in wholesale.

      • Wholesale Dresses : You can find many kinds of dress models such as Italian Dress, Combed Cotton Dress, Knitwear Dress, Summer Dress on our website. We produce and sell dresses, which are one of the most important products of the women's textile sector. You can order online from our site.

      • Wholesale Blouse : Women's Long Sleeve Blouses, Women's Digital Printed Blouses, Women's Crew Neck Blouses, V-Neck Blouses, Bat Sleeve Blouses, Short Sleeve Blouses, Stony Embroidered Blouses, Women's Plus Size Blouses on our website, where you can find our Mom blouse models in a wide variety and colors. We provide service. Kazee is a leading company in mother blouses and models, plus size women's clothing.

      • Wholesale Women's Accessories Stone Mask, Keychain, Bag You can find many women's accessories such asOur brand, which makes a difference with crystal stone bags, attaches great importance to the manufacture of accessories.

      • Wholesale Skirt : You can find the best selling wholesale skirt models on our site.

      Our skirts have proven themselves with their patterns and fabrics and are in high demand from our customers.

      • Wholesale Italian : You can find dresses and blouses imported from Italy on our website. We are producing silk Italian dresses and blouses from many manufacturers we have worked with in Italy. All of this product group is produced in Italy. We sell high units in the summer months, we provide stock service.

      • Wholesale Discounted Women's Clothing : You can buy Discounted Knitwear, Combed Cotton, Blouses, Trousers, Jeans, Tracksuits, Skirts, Accessories, Tunics, Overcoats, Coats, Jackets, Sweaters at a discount from our website.

      Online Wholesale Women's Clothing - Online Wholesale Clothing Supply;

      Our company, which entered the online wholesale clothing export sector in 2010, has grown with social media. Our company, which first entered the sector with Instagram, was serving with Youtube blood, together with the developing conditions, it started to serveOur website provides service in & language. It is available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Turkish. It is a Pro level Online Wholesale Women's Clothing Site. 

      Wholesale Women's Clothing in Social Media;

      1. YouTube Wholesale Women's Clothing Supply Kazee ; You can watch videos of our products in 4 different languages ​​on our YouTube channel. Our YouTube channel, broadcasting in Turkish, French, Spanish, English, Russian and Arabic, serves all our boutique customers. You can see our products on our Youtube Channels, where we upload videos of new models every day.

      • Youtube KAZEE OFFICIAL WHOLESALE WOMEN'S CLOTHING WHOLESALE CLOTHING Turkish ; Our Youtube channel, which serves in Turkish, is a Turkish YouTube channel where you can see all our models. Our store, where our new models are loaded every day, promotes wholesale women's clothing models to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkic countries.


      Russian;  Our Youtube channel, which serves in Russian, introduces our new models that come every day. Our employees provide professional Russian service on our YouTube page, which you will find in the online catalog of our products worn on mannequins. Russia's Wholesale Women's Clothing Youtube has the feature of being bloody. 

      • YouTube KAZEE OFFICIAL WHOLESALE WOMENS CLOTHING English, French, Spanish ; Our YouTube Channel, where all our models are uploaded, primarily in English, also provides service in French and Spanish. Our employees provide professional wholesale clothing service in Spanish, English and French via YouTube. It offers you a pleasant and professional service with new models and product catalogs every day. It serves mainly America, Canada, Spain, France, Kenya, Nigeria, Germany, England, Ireland, Chile and the whole world.

      • YouTube KAZEE OFFICIAL ملابس نسائية بالجملة Arabic ;  Our professional wholesale women's clothing supply channel, managed by our Arab employees, broadcasts to Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, in short, the entire Arab geography. You can watch the catalog of our products in Arabic on our channel, our new products are regularly uploaded every day. You can place your orders wholesale.

      1. Instagram Women's Clothing Wholesale Kazee  ; Our company started a first in Turkey on Instagram and opened Instagram Wholesale Women's Clothing pages. In 2013, he first entered the social media marketing industry with caseeoficil. It currently broadcasts in each language and each region separately. He has a total of 882,500 followers.

      • ; As KAZEE OFFICIAL Kadın Giyim Turkish , it broadcasts to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Turkic countries. Our page introduces our new models every day and many of our customers place orders with our page. You can see our latest models by following our page. Our page was established in 2017 and has 269.000 followers.

      • Kazeeofficial.en ; KAZEE OFFICIAL Women's Clothing English provides service in French, English and Spanish. Our Instagram page, which was established in 2020, has 35,700 followers. Our professional team offers the presentation of our models. It broadcasts to the whole world and especially to America, Europe and African countries. Many of our customers follow our instagram page, you can see our products and detailed presentations on our page.

      • ; KAZEE OFFICIAL Женская одежда оптом русская serve many countries in Russian withOur Instagram page, which was established in 2013, currently has 253.00 subscribers. It consists entirely of Russian countries. We serve the entire Russian-speaking region of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Belarus, Tajikistan. Our new products are promoted every day on our Instagram page. You can get information about all our models in Russian with our professional Russian employees on our Instagram page.

      • : With KAZEE OFFICIAL ملابس نسائية بالجملة Arabic, we serve the entire Arab world. Founded in 2020, our page has 211,000 followers. We serve as a Wholesale Clothing Instagram to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria and many Arab countries. All of our employees are of Arab origin and serve on our page in Arabic. You can watch all our models in Arabic and have information.

      • Kazee_boutique ; Our KAZEE OFFICIAL BOUTIQUE instagram page sells women's clothing to Russian countries, our page is in Russian. Founded in 2021, we have a total of 50,800 followers. 

      • Kazeeperakende ; KAZEE RETAIL & SINGLE SALE in Turkish, Our page was established in 2021, has 30,700 followers. It is Turkish and is engaged in domestic women's clothing retail sales in Turkey.

      • Kazeeukr ; Our KAZEE UKRAINE instagram page was established in 2020, it has 32,300 followers. The Ukraine wholesale market is managed from our stores which are 7 km away. Our page is Ukraine' tent. It provides wholesale and retail services.

      • Kazee_boutique : Kazee is our Instagram page that sells its products internationally. It has 51,000 followers.

      • Kazeecatalog : It is the catalog page of Kazee products.

      1. Telegram Wholesale Women's Clothing Kazee ; You can see and order the products of our company from our Telegram channels.

      • KAZEE OFFICIAL Wholesale Women's clothing, manufacturer KAZEE - Оптовая торговля женской одеждой, производитель :  Our channel is Turkey's largest channel in the field of wholesale women's clothing. It serves 17,687 subscribers. 

      has been serving our customers wholesale for many years. 

      • KAZEE BOUTIQUE Kazee Official Розничная страница : Our channel has been serving in Russian for many years, it only serves retail orders. It serves the whole world and Russian countries.

      1. Tik Tok Kazee Wholesale Women's Clothing ; Our page has wholesale content and you can see the videos and varieties of all models. 

      • KAZEE OFFICIAL  ; Our page wholesale women's clothing page, it serves in all languages.

      1. Facebook Kazee Wholesale Women's Clothing : We publish our latest updated models on our Facebook pages. 

      • Kazee; It is broadcasting in Turkish and has been providing wholesale service since 2011.
      • Kazee Official ; It broadcasts in Russian. Our Russian team members look after our page and provide wholesale service.
      • Kazeeonline ; It broadcasts in English, French and Spanish. It provides wholesale service.
      • Kazeecom ; It serves in Arabic. has been providing wholesale service to all Arab countries for years.

      • You can reach all our Social Media Accounts from the Information section of our Site below. 

      Wholesale Women's Plus Size Clothing 

      Wholesale Women's Plus Size products are sold in all international countries and attract great attention. Its quality is at the highest level, it is produced with flexible fabrics in every respect, we have a collection suitable for all sizes. It enters the production process after testing all of our models through our company's special large-size mannequins. By testing all our models, we produce and wholesale the most sold current models. Thousands of boutique shops around the world, which sell large sizes, work with our company. Clothing Wholesalers Kazee a Ladies Plus Size Wholesaler . We have large size products in each product category, to give an example: 

      • Wholesale Plus Size Knitwear : We serve with 14gg women's knitwear made of special lycra viscose, angora, cotton and woolen threads. Our sizes range from size 42 to size 56. We produce in American and European sizes. 

      • Wholesale Plus Size Shirts : We are at your service with our special plus size shirt collection produced with cotton lycra voile, viscose lycra voile and satin fabrics. Our sizes range from size 42 to size 56. We produce in American and European sizes. Our shirt oversized patterns are very useful in every respect.

      1. Wholesale Plus Size pants : The fabrics we use in our plus size trousers collection do not stick, they are lycra. Our special plus size molds consist of specially designed molds and sizes for each woman. We are very confident in our clips. They are produced with the principle of trousers are a pattern. Our sizes range from size 42 to size 56. We produce in American and European standards and sizes. 

      1. Wholesale Plus Size Blouse : Our plus size blouse collections range in size 44, 46, 48, 50 and are available in larger size works. Most of our blouse fabrics are produced with imported fabrics. Mother's Blouses and Mother's Combed Cotton We have a very large collection ofWe do not compromise on our quality with various colours, patterns and printing types. Our sizes range from size 42 to size 56. We produce in American and European sizes. 

      • Wholesale Plus Size Tracksuit Set:We are the leader in the production of large size tracksuits with two thread, triple thread, cotton with lycra, scuba with lycra, sucuba without lycra, wool viscose, viscose elite knitwear.with our patterns and fabric quality, sewing quality and designs. outsize 42 to size 56. We produce in American and European sizes. 

      Women's Plus Size Clothing You can find everything your store needs from our company aboutKazee brand specializes in plus size clothing. 


      The factory has been exporting to the whole world since 1992. Reel Tekstil San., the factory and company of Kazee, which produces women's clothing. Trade Ltd. Sti. Our production process continues in our factories. We serve 200 professional employees in our production park. Our factory is in Topkapı, which is the center of Istanbul. 

      If you wish, we can make and produce special collections for you.

      You can check the factory section of our site for our factory.


      1. Wholesale Clothing Production

      Kazee brand, which has been continuing its production in the women's clothing sector since 1992, is Wholesale Boutique Women's, a local and national organization producing Our company, of which all capital and partners are national, exports the products it has produced for our country to all world markets. Within our company, which continues its production and sales based on exports;

      • Women's Knitwear Production : We continue to produce our knitwear in the latest technology Shima Seiki machines. We have a monthly capacity of 80,000 units.

      • Combed Blouse Production: We have the capacity to produce 100,000 pieces of combed cotton, mother combed cotton, blouses per month with our own cutting, sewing, ironing and packaging departments.

      • Women's Shirt Manufacturing : All stages of our shirt production are within the body of our company. Cutting, sewing, model shop, ironing package, embroidery, stonework are in our own structure. We have a monthly production of 40,000 shirts.

      • Women's Trousers Production : We are producing the trousers of our company, which specializes in trousers, with the most advanced technology. We are sewing, cutting and manufacturing in our state-of-the-art machinery. We produce jeans and lycra knit trousers. We have a monthly production capacity of 40,000 trousers.

      • Women's Coats and Coats Production : Our coat models, which we have produced with special fabrics, are of high sewing quality and are sewn in workshops affiliated with our company. We have a monthly capacity of 20,000 units.

      1. Production departments of our Kazee Wholesale Clothing Factory

      • Knitwear Knitting Department : Shima Seiki We have 14 gg and 7gg machine parks.
      • Embroidery Department : We have Tajima embroidery and sequin machines.
      • Digital Printing: Our sublimation digital printing house is in our internal structure. 
      • Crystal Stone Department : We have internal design and printing production with crystal stones imported from abroad.
      • Apparel our internal and external structure with our state-of-the-art machines and professional staff carry out in.
      • Washing : We wash our products for softness and product shrinkage.
      • Ironing Package : Our products, which come from outside and inside our company to be checked, come to the ironing department of our factory for final control and ironing. For superior quality, we ship our products to our wholesale stores, for which we have made our final checks within our principles.

      With our 3D Stores, you can visit all our stores with the latest 3D technology.

      The 3d section of our site will appear in the 3d section of our Wholesale Stores.

      Kazee Wholesale 3d Stores .

      Kazee Brand Field ; Since 1992, wholesale women's clothing manufacturing and sales, wholesale women's clothing supply, wholesale women's clothing export from Turkey, women's clothing manufacturing and export from Turkey, online women's clothing wholesale, online women's clothing wholesale. 


      Kazee company, founded by Kamil Tunaz in 1992, continues on its way. 


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