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Women's Tracksuit Set Wholesale | Women's Clothing Wholesale Kazee

Kazee women's track suit and women's clothing wholesale
Kazee, one of the leading women's clothing manufacturers in Turkey;

  • Knitwear Women's Tracksuit Set.
  • Plus size women's sweatpants.
  • Crystal stone embroidered tracksuit.
  • Embroidered women's tracksuit.
  • Printed women's tracksuit set.
  • Washed women's sweatpants.
  • Batik dyed sweatpants.

It is a company with a very wide collection of women's tracksuits.

You can order women's tracksuits from our online wholesale site.

Many of our American, British and European customers buy tracksuits from our company.
Tracksuits, which are sold by many boutiques as the most trendy, are among the most preferred products of all women.

Our company, which works with many stores, sells women's tracksuit products wholesale.
We have cargo to Europe and America as well as to the whole world.

We send your wholesale women's tracksuit orders in the fastest way possible.

Among our tracksuit collections;

  • Hoodie Women's Tracksuit Set collection.
  • Crew neck tracksuit collection.
  • Short sleeve women's tracksuit collection.
  • Long sleeve tracksuit collection.
  • There is a large cotton tracksuit collection.

The types of fabrics we use in our women's tracksuits;

We use 95% viscose, 5% elesthan yarn for knitwear women's sweatpants. All our knitwear tracksuits must be washed. We knit with a special technique so that the braids do not loosen.

We use 72% cotton, 23% polyester, 5% elasthane for two yarn women's tracksuits. The front side is cotton, the raka side is polyester elesthan. Our fabric is very high quality and soft after special washing and finishing processes.

We use 80% cotton, 17% polyester, 3% elasthane for three-yarn tracksuits. The front surface is cotton and the back surface is polyester. Our fabric is washed and soft. We use the highest quality fabrics.

We use 50% nylon, 45% viscose, 5% eesthane in sucuba fabric tracksuits. Our fabric has a very flexible and soft texture.

For diesel fabric tracksuits, we use 50% polyester, 44% rayon viscose, 6% spandex. The back surface is polyester, the front surface is rayon, it is very soft and high quality.

The Sewing Quality of Our Tracksuit Sets Is Superior

Our zippers in our tracksuits do not contain carcinogens for health, they are produced with the highest quality zippers and accessories.

We apply a washing process before our herringbone extrafors, which are sewn to the nape of our tracksuits, are sewn.
Our used cords have been washed.

We do not use nylon thread in the sewing threads we use.
We sew the side of our tracksuits with 4 thread ovorlock, we sew the zippers with singer, we sew the hems with recme.

Our factory's production capacity of women's tracksuits is 20,000 pieces per month.

We export wholesale women's wear to all over Turkey and the world with our professional staff who are experts in women's wear.

Among the main countries;

We export to Spain, Portugal, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Chile, America, Germany, England, France, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and many other countries.

We have been manufacturing women's clothing, tracksuit sets and export wholesale sales since 1992.

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