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Tunic - Women's Tunic Models Wholesale 

Wholesale and production You can get the tunic models you want from the website of our company, which is engaged in the A tunic is a women's garment that looks like a short dress or a long blouse of any style. The variety of modern models is impressive. There are concise options for every day, elegant pieces for special occasions, sportswear and blouses in ethnic style. The tunic can be worn at any time of the year. You just need to choose a model from the appropriate material. Slim and dense, long and short sleeves, fitted and loose fit, single layer and lined, plain and decorated - the choice is huge. This type of women's clothing wholesale or retail is always popular with ladies of different ages around the world.

Tunic Models Wholesale from Turkey

You can buy tunic models for 365 days with the very wide tunic collection of Kazee, a wholesale women's clothing company from Turkey. Our company has a wide collection of tunic. 

Among Kazee's Tunic types;

  1. Tunic Knitwear Models : You can find knitwear tunic models in our company, you can find many tunic models knitted on 14 gg machines. Tunics knitted with viscose elite yarns, tunics knitted with wool acrylic fabrics, tunics with crystal stones, digital printed tunics, embroidered tunics. Our tunic models knitted from Angora yarn are very popular. We have the largest collection of knitwear tunics in the market. 
  2. Tunic Shirt Models : Our tunic shirt models produced with cotton lycra, satin, viscose voile fabrics are highly appreciated by our customers. It is a combination that is worn over leggings and leggings and is very popular with women. We have a wide collection, our company provides wholesale service in tunic shirts.
  3. Tunic Angora Models : Angora is a material that keeps the yarn warm, it is a fabric highly appreciated by women and has a flexible structure. Our company produces tunic models from specially produced angora yarns. It serves with a wide collection wholesale. 
  4. Tunic Sweatshirt Models : You can find hundreds of tunic sweatshirt models on our site. You can order these tunic models wholesale. These tunic models, which are produced from two yarn fabrics, come to the fore with their comfort. We produce cotton polyester and cotton two yarn fabrics. 

Materials and types of women's tunics

Modern tunics are sewn from various materials: linen, cotton, suede, leather, wool, viscose, silk, satin, footer, acrylic. However, knitwear of different densities remains the most popular in recent years. Therefore, women can choose models for hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter days. Knitted tunics are represented by a wide variety of options by type: 

  • dresses;
  • shirts;
  • blouses. 

Also, models differ in style and finish. Some like simple blouses, while others like embroidered or printed blouses. Each woman will choose a product to her liking. Wholesale or piece tunic - the choice is yours!

The advantages of women's tunics

Stylists and designers recommend that women of all ages have several tunics in their wardrobe: for everyday wear, for walking, for office, for jogging. You can buy a stylish model for special occasions. This garment has a number of undeniable advantages, for example:

  • a beautiful silhouette - loose or fitted;
  • wearing comfort - freedom of movement, a pleasant touch to the body; 
  • universality;
  • practicality;
  • crease resistance;
  • a wide range of models, colors and designs;
  • no age restrictions - suitable for a young schoolgirl, a young girl and a mature lady;
  • availability in all offline and online stores;
  • compatibility with most parts of the modern women's wardrobe;
  • Reasonable price. 

The tunic is suitable for women of all heights and body types. It will help to emphasize all the advantages of appearance. Be careful, such clothes are addictive in a good way. You will want to buy women's tunics in bulk from Turkey

Where can I go with a tunic and what can I

wear a tunic anywhere. But it is important to choose the style, model and color of the product correctly. For trips to various events, elegant built-in and trapezoidal models are suitable. At home, loose tunics consisting of fine knitwear sewn like a dressing gown will be appropriate. You can also wear them on the beach. A tight tunic shirt will be an excellent option for office and business meetings. A built-in model with a moderate decor is suitable for walking and meeting with friends.

The versatility of the tunic is that it can be combined with various outfits depending on the style:

  • trousers and jeans;
  • shorts and leggings;
  • skirts and vests.

Tunic shoes can also be very different: from ballet shoes to high boots. Sneakers, sneakers, boots will also go well with tunics of different lengths. Turkish wholesale clothing suppliers offer a wide range of women's models for every occasion.

How to choose the best tunic

You should not save money when choosing a tunic, because this thing will serve you for more than a month. It is also worth paying attention to the following criteria:

  • seasonality - there are models for all seasons, as well as for the street, home and business;

  • the picture from which the product is selected;

  • The composition of the material is a natural and synthetic fibers
  • the quality of the material, the seams and edge treatment must be impeccable;
  • attractive appearance;

  • compatibility with other wardrobe items and accessories;

  • suitable color;

  • style by type of figure and suitable size;

  • a brand with a good reputation;

  • competitive price.

you should also carefully approach the choice of location for women's tunics in bulk or in pieces.

One of the most reliable online stores, where customers are offered only high-quality stylish clothes, is Kazee.

Why should you buy a tunic from Kazee?

We are always happy to buy clothes At no extra cost, it is possible if the store cooperates directly with the manufacturer and takes care of its customers.They can quality wholesale women's clothing from Turkey Tailoring meets the requirements of international standards, and a variety of models will surprise even the most fastidious fashionista.

All our clients receive high quality service and detailed advice on any matter. A team of professionals offer their services in modeling and customizing things for any look.

Online shopping is very convenient. Using a smartphone, you can view the electronic catalog, select the products you want and place an order. It is convenient to pay for the purchase in any way indicated on the site. You can order delivery to the address in the city or to other localities of the country. Regular goods Wholesale from Turkey allows customers to buy clothes when they need it. And replenish your wardrobe with high-quality trendy seasonal items. A stylish look is a guarantee of self-confidence and a great mood!

                          How Can You Order Tunic Models From Our Site?

You can pre-order the models you have chosen. Payment is not taken for pre-orders on our site. After the orders are received, we go through the stock control and call you. Please do not forget to write your phone number when pre-ordering our tunic models. Please enter your full number and e-mail address so that we can reach you. We call you for shipping and other options. You can use credit card, Western Union, Zalata Corona and Bank payment options for payment.

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