Our History
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  It was founded in 1992 by Kamil TUNAZ. As the board of directors, Yunus Emre TUNAZ and Edip Emrah TUNAZ, we managed to make our company one of the first 500 exporters in Turkey. We produce for many brands located in various parts of the world. As Kazee, we continue to produce with our own brand.Our raw materials are imported from Turkey and abroad from Italy, Indonesia , India , Israel and we bring them into yarn in Bursa and Adana and we dye our raw materials into yarn in Chorlu and then we knit them in our factory.We use the latest technology in production. Knitting Department of our company, we use the latest technology in printing and embroidery.We work with Tajima ,Shima Seiki and Mimaki.Our company, which imports all our accessories, uses crystal dmc stones in its products.Shima Seiki, the world's largest knitting machine manufacturer, was also our guest in our stores in Turkey. We make our own collections by putting our own ideas inspired by world trends. Our monthly production capacity is about 70,000 pieces.Our company has many years of expertise in women's clothing production all over the world with its exports to our beautiful country is a great contribution. Our brand KAZEE, which has dealerships in many countries of the world, is one of the most exclusive boutiques around the world. Our company, which has been working for our country for more than 30 years, is moving forward with confident steps.
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