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Wholesale Cardigan

Kazee, one of the few manufacturers and wholesalers of the women's clothing sector, has a wide collection and variety in wholesale cardigans. Our company, which specializes in the production of women's clothing, has a very diverse collection of cardigans and knitwear cardigans. It offers you hundreds of models, dozens of colors and stock service. We provide service with our stores located in Laleli, the center of Istanbul clothing wholesalers. Our company, which provides service online, is a wholesale clothing supplier.

Wholesale Cardigan from Turkey

Kazee is a Turkish brand of wholesale women's clothing. It produces and sells all of its products in Turkey. It exports from Turkey to the whole world. Kazee, a women's clothing manufacturer and wholesaler, is among the largest textile companies in Turkey. It exports women's clothing and women's knitted sweaters, knitted cardigans to the countries it has made wholesale sales to, America, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Chile, Portugal, India, England and many other countries.

Wholesale Womens Cardigan

Cardigans, which are among the main products of women's clothing, show very different models and diversity. Knitwear cardigans take the lead and as Kazee, we are assertive in cardigan collection due to our strong structure in knitwear manufacturing. Our collection of knitwear cardigans, combed cotton cardigans and knitted cardigans is appreciated by our customers. You should try our cardigan group, which we have sold a lot in winter and autumn!

Wholesale Knitwear Cardigan from Turkey

Kazee carries out all knitwear production in its own factory in Turkey. The collections prepared by the professional Turkish design staff are produced in the factory in Istanbul. All of the yarn and raw materials are Turkish raw materials. All raw materials used are special and do not deform in any way. The accessories used are of special quality and do not deform in any way. Our special boutique production products are sold all over the world from Turkey.

Wholesale Knitwear Cardigan

We produce our cardigans, which we manufacture as 14 gg and 7 gg, from wool, viscose elite and pollen yarns. We produce all of our cardigans in our own factory. We produce and wholesale all cardigan patterns requested by our customers. Our company, which has a wide collection of tunic cardigans, serves with dozens of knitwear cardigan models.

Women's Cardigan Production

Kazee, a women's clothing factory, carries out all its production in its workshop in Topkapı, Istanbul. With the weaving, sewing, cutting, embroidery and printing departments in its factory, all stages of production are carried out by itself.

  • Weaving department: Our company, which serves 55 Shima Seiki machine parks, has 14gg, 7gg machines. We produce Interziya, jacquard, flat weaving and many products in our state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Sewing department: With our 16, 14, 12, 10, 8,6 gg remaiöz sub-structure, we can sew knitwear and cardigans of any thickness and precision.
  • Embroidery: With the latest technology Tajima embroidery machines, we embroider all kinds of patterns as if they were handcrafted. We produce our products with collections of all patterns exclusive to our company.
  • Printing: Our company has a superior talent and technology in digital printing technologies. We print all kinds of patterns on our products.
  • Crystal Stone: In this section, where we have worked with DMC stones, we carry out our original designs. Many of our models, designed by our company, are liked and consumed by our customers.
  • Design: With our professional staff, we design all kinds of models and cardigans for our own brand with the most outstanding features. We attach great importance to our molds.

Special Cardigan Manufacturing for Your Brand

If you wish, you can get stock service or you can order a cardigan for your own brand or company from our factory. We serve with knitwear and knitted fabrics. We are the leader in our sector with our cardigan production capacity of 60.000 per month. You can prepare a collection for our design team, or you can give the model you want.
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Our Cardigan Categories and Models

  • Wool Cardigan: We serve with our collections, all of which are designed by us. Our rights that we have produced from wool yarns are produced with two options as 30% wool or 50% wool. We have long and short models available.

  • Angora Cardigan: In this category, we have a special collection that we have produced with angora pollen yarns. The yarns we use in this collection are very special. Our soft and warm raw material is highly appreciated by the ladies. Our Angora models produced in 7gg have long cardigan and short cardigan options.
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Wholesale Women's Clothing

Kazee, one of the leading companies in the wholesale women's clothing sector, provides service with two wholesale stores in Istanbul.

Interpolo & Kazee: Our store located in Istanbul Laleli is 1,200 square meters. This store, which consists of 5 floors, is the central store of our company. It provides wholesale service.
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Kazee Laleli: Our store, located in Istanbul Laleli koska street, is in a very central location. It is at the crossroads of four roads. It is on the tram street. It is 250 square meters. It serves as wholesale and retail.
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Factory: Our factory, located in Istanbul Topkapı, is 5,000 square meters. It serves with 200 personnel. It exports all over the world.
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Online Wholesale Women's Clothing: Our company, which offers the opportunity to order online as a wholesale, is our website 
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Online Women's Clothing: If you wish, you can make a single purchase from our website, where we have opened an online retail order. We are serving as petakend at 

Kazee is a Women's Clothing Manufacturer and Wholesaler since 1992.

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