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Wholesale Dress 

Kazee, which sells wholesale dresses, is at the forefront with its up-to-date designs and flawless workmanship. Our firm is one of the important players in the wholesale women's sector. It is the supplier of all stores with its high-volume production and stock service. dress specializes in

If you're looking to wholesale quality dresses for your boutique, store or brand, Kazee will help you. Our site, whose stocks are updated every day, offers you new models daily. wholesale We are at your service with hundreds of models and colors that we offer

Wholesale Dress From Turkey

Our company, which sells wholesale clothes from Turkey to the whole world , works with its professional infrastructure and expert staff. Kazee, which exports clothes to many countries of the world, is ahead of many of its competitors with its patterns and designs in knitted dress models. It is the company that offers the best optimization in terms of price and quality. 

We export America 

  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Azerbaijan
  • Morocco
  • Egypt
  • Palestine
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Chile
  • Poland
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • Canada
  • France
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Niger
  • Angola
  • Kenya
  • Israel
  • and

and wholesale clothes to many countries such asWe are proud to serve hundreds of customers. We are Turkey's exporter and manufacturer since 1992. 

Wholesale Dress Models and Categories 

Wholesale dress models can be very diverse, dress models in varying forms such as long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless are among the products that women often use. Dress models, which vary in form, can be narrow, wide and comfortable. It is divided into two as short and long in length. Dress models of our company:

  • WHOLESALE KNITWEAR DRESSwholesale knitwear dress Kazee is in a superior position inThe yarns we use are viscose elite, silvery viscose elite, angora lycra, wool. It is produced on 14 gg knitting machines.

  1. WHOLESALE COMBED DRESS: Wholesale combed cotton dresses are made of knitted fabrics. It is generally produced from viscose lycra, cotton lycra single jersey fabrics. Our collection decorated with various garni fabrics is designed for daily use.

  1. WHOLESALE SUMMER DRESSES: Wholesale summer dresses are generally comfortable textured and molded products. These products, which are preferred in the summer months, are sleeveless, suspenders and half-sleeved patterns. It is divided into two with long and short models. We use all warm colors in our collection, which we decorated with prints of summer accessory motifs.
  2. WHOLESALE ITALIAN: wholesale Italian dress models consist of silk, viscose and linen blended fabrics. We manufacture in Italy. We are constantly moving with up-to-date stocks. Our dresses, which we produce in the cities of Prato and Bologna in Italy, are generally silk blended. It has been colored with batik dyeing and piece dyeing. It is embellished with lace and drains. 

Wholesale Dress Prices

wholesale dress prices , as Kazee, we are looking for the axis of quality and price. Our customer-oriented manufacturing and sales-oriented prices are attractive and flexible. Our company, which offers price opportunities to its customers, sells products in large quantities in online wholesale dress trade. Our dress prices vary according to the use of fabric and the use of accessories. Products with many accessories have high prices and costs. The prices of fabrics vary and our prices vary according to the raw material used. You can get the best price and best quality from Kazee. 


Wholesale Dress Istanbul 

Istanbul wholesale market Laleli Kazee, which provides service with two stores in Istanbul. Kazee, which has two wholesale stores in Istanbul and three stores in Antalya, provides service both in Antalya and Istanbul., an online service www.kazeeofficial.com  . 

Online Wholesale Dress Sales

Our company, which provides wholesale service online, offers hundreds of women's clothing models to its customers through its website. You can pre-order from our website, if you want, you can contact our professional customer representatives via whatsapp and get a presentation.

online wholesale dress sales in a complete way, offers you new design dress models every day. You can see the colors and options of our models on our website, watch their videos on our youtube channel, and view them on instagram. 

Wholesale Dress Manufacturing and Production 

Our company, which has an annual production of 1,000,000 women's clothing, Dress Manufacturing and Production in its own factory. It provides service with its expert staff of 150 people and dozens of ateliers working under its structure. Kazee, which organizes sewing in special dress workshops, produces in-house departments such as design, pattern, cutting, embroidery, stone press, printing. 

Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer and Exporter from 

Turkey Our company, one of the strongest women's clothing manufacturers in Turkey, exports and wholesale women's clothing to the whole world. It provides professional service with Turkish production principles and quality. Dress production departments: 

  1. Dress Design: Our expert staff develops their designs according to the new trends of the day.
  2. Dress Pattern: Our pattern department creates the patterns of the designed dresses and rehearses them on mannequins with each model. Approved models enter the manufacturing process. 
  3. Fabric Cutting: Our expert staff, who can cut 5,000 products per day, performs the cutting process of the approved products. All kinds of thin and thick fabrics are cut in slaughterhouses. 
  4. Embroidered Dress: We have a capacity to embroider 2,000 clothes with our Tajima brand embroidery machines. We have suzene embroidery, flush embroidery, handcrafted cut embroidery collections. 
  5. Crystal Stone Dress: Dresses with crystal stones are very appreciated. We provide service with stone press and stone assembly departments within our company. We are the biggest stone garment manufacturers in Turkey with a daily grinding capacity of 3,000 garments. 
  6. Dress Sewing: We have a monthly production capacity of 70,000 garments with 20 ateliers working under our firm. The workshops, which can sew many different fabrics, produce with care. Our production process, which takes place entirely in Istanbul, is above Turkish quality standards. 
  7. Packing and Ironing: Final control processes are carried out in our company's factory. After ironing, packaging and quality control, it is shipped to the whole world from Turkey. 

is Turkey's women's clothing manufacturer , produces and exports all over the world.

Why Kazee Dresses? 

Kazee, which directs the wholesale dress industry with dress manufacturers and suppliers. Our company, which is the manufacturer of the years preferred by the stores, serves with high stock availability and presentation. It works wholesale with hundreds of models and dozens of colors. Our company, which specializes in knitted dresses, is of high quality with crystal stone work.embroidered, Crystal stone, Digital printed, Classic, Short, Long and many dress models in our store and on our online sales site www.kazeeofficial.com  .

Wholesale Women's Clothing Categories 

The product categories you can find in Kazee wholesale women's clothing brands are sales-oriented. Our company, which quickly produces the most demanded products, wholesalers women's clothing categories: 

  • Wholesale Outerwear: You can find products such as women's coats, coats, jackets, vests. You can find quality custom made outerwear products on our website.
  • Wholesale Cardigan: You can find wholesale women's cardigan models on our website. We serve online with hundreds of knitwear cardigans.
  • Wholesale Knitwear: You can find wholesale women's knitwear models on our website. You can find knitwear dresses and many more knitwear sweater models on our site.
  • Wholesale Shirts: You can find wholesale women's shirts on our website. You can see our models produced with various fabrics and accessories in this category.
  • Wholesale Tunic: We present our tunic models with different fabrics and textures on our site. You can see our tunic models, which you can order wholesale, on our website.
  • Wholesale Trousers: You can see our wholesale women's trousers model on our website and place an order. 
  • Wholesale Tracksuits: You can order hundreds of quality, comfortable and stylish tracksuits from our website. 
  • Wholesale Blouse: Our women's blouse models are at the forefront with their designs, you can order our blouse models that are processed and produced with evening dress precision.
  • Wholesale Dress: You can order our stylish, high quality, special design dress models online.

Kazee has been Turkey's leading Women's Clothing manufacturer and wholesaler since 1992. 

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