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Wholesale Blouse | Wholesale Clothing from Turkey Kazee

Online Kazee, the address of wholesale women's clothing, is Turkey's wholesale clothing supplier with its expert staff.

Our company, which has a wide collection of wholesale blouses, is a leader in its sector as well as in many other fields.

It is the preferred supplier of many boutiques and stores and has brought you the most fashionable wholesale clothing products on the online wholesale site

Kazee company is from Istanbul wholesalers. There are two wholesale stores in Istanbul Laleli. It is one of the leading exporters of Turkey and exports its products to the whole world.

It provides service to every region of Turkey as a wholesale. If you have a store and you want to buy wholesale women's clothing for your store or boutique, you are at the right address.

Wholesale Blouses from Turkey 

Kazee, one of the strongest women's clothing manufacturers in Turkey, also stands out with the blouse models it produces. Kazee, one of the distinguished companies of the Women's Clothing Sector, exports wholesale clothing to all countries of the world.

We sell blouses to many countries of the world.

Wholesale Blouse

Our company, which has a wide range in its wholesale blouse collection, in the blouse collection it has produced;

Mom Blouse Models

Summer Blouse Models

Winter Blouse Models

Long Sleeve Blouse

Digital Printed Blouse

Cycling Collar Blouse

V-Neck Blouse

Bat Sleeve Blouse

Short Sleeve Blouse

Zero Sleeve Blouse

Embroidered Blouse with Stones

Large Size Blouse

We serve you with many more types of blouses.

Blouse Blouse

models, which are frequently used in daily life and special times, attract attention with their designs suitable for different styles. The products, which have various patterns such as large size, standard, slim fit, offer different alternatives to the users.

Advantages of Wholesale Women's Blouses

Blouse models are made of different fabric options such as denim, knitting, knitwear and woven. Quality materials such as acrylic, elastane, lycra and polyamide are used in the production of fabrics. In this way, the products can be used for a long time. The collar type of the blouses has different options such as upright, degaje, judge and halter. The models appeal to many styles such as casual, trend and classic. Moreover, Kazee produces special blouses for your brand. You can also examine the products of the Kazee brand and take advantage of the advantages of wholesale women's blouses.

Our wholesale women's clothing and wholesale clothing services; 

You can pre-order the products you have selected from our website online without any payment. Our customer representatives will call you as soon as possible, after your orders are checked, they will be sent to you via cargo. We have cargo in all cities of the world. We work with PTT cargo, Aras cargo, ups, dhl and many cargoes.

Your wholesale clothing orders are controlled by our expert staff. 

We are sending your orders quickly, from the day we were founded, to the leading companies in the women's clothing sector. . Unlike many companies, we never compromise on quality.

We sell and manufacture the best quality products at the most reasonable price within the framework of price and quality.

Special Production Wholesale Blouse

If you wish, you can place an order from our factory. Our factory is located in Istanbul Topkapı. 

We produce for many brands of Turkey and the world, we have been producing in the women's clothing sector for many years. We continue to produce many brands, we specialize in women's blouses and young mom, mother blouse, plus size blouse categories. 

We provide services in the field of supply to all the companies we have worked with, we produce women's clothing with our staff of 250 people in our factory.

Our factory, which has the latest technology, serves with our expert staff.

We work with the design office, our designers work for the production of blouses. We pay a lot of attention to our patterns, our fabric quality is superior.

Our fabrics that we use in the production of blouses are not deformed in any way.

Fabrics We Use in Blouse Production We

use many fabrics. Viscose groups are preferred on women's blouses. In our company, we use round viscose, compact viscose, combed viscose, cotton supreme, wool viscose, cotton lira, linen viscose, knitwear knit fabrics. We import some fabric from abroad, its production takes place in Turkey.

We pass our products that we produce through washing tests and health checks.

You can sell the wholesale blouses you bought from us to your customers with peace of mind.

We are sending wholesale clothing to many parts of the world. We specialize in mother blouses, which are indispensable for wholesale blouses. We specialize in blouses for young mom, plus size blouses, crystal stone blouses, embroidered blouses, wash blouses, knit blouses, printed blouses, hand embroidered blouses and many more.

Wholesale Clothing Supply and Trust

Essentially, we sell all the products called by a store as wholesale. Our business is women's clothing wholesale and production.

We are an ambitious company in the women's clothing sector, and we never compromise on our quality and designs. 

We have brought together fashion and quality, and we are applying the latest trends on this product that we have produced.

We attach great importance to trust, customer satisfaction is very important to us. We always keep customer satisfaction at the forefront.  

None of our customers work with us once, we have customers with whom we have worked for years.

We have customers who have bought goods and products from us every week, every month, for over 30 years.

 We work with Turkey's most exclusive boutiques, we work with the world's most exclusive chain stores, we work with the world's largest brands and we carry out their production in our factory in Topkapı. 

We serve with the most advanced technology, quality and fashion sense.

Wholesale Clothing Partnership 

We are a commercial partner to all our customers, we always protect them before and after sales. We are struggling to raise the flag you have received from our elders to the highest levels, and we never compromise on quality! 

Our Customers Are Benevolent For Us Kazee,

Turkey's wholesale online women's clothing website, is your solution partner

. Our monthly blouse production capacity is 50.000 pieces. 

We send our products to many countries and regions of the world. 

We work with many countries in Africa, America, Europe and Asia. 

United Nations, England, Canada, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Egypt, Palestine, Morocco, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Korea, Chile, Argentina, We export to Brazil, Mexico, Italy and many more countries.

Thousands of boutiques around the world work with us. You can trust us

sell the products you have purchased

Kazee, one of the leading women's clothing wholesalers, is the leader in the women's blouse category. 

In many regions of Turkey, stores sell our products.

Our company, which exhibits the most trendy models at the Ifco fair in Istanbul every year, is waiting for you at the Istanbul Fashion fair.

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