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Wholesale shirts to many countries of the world, Kazee has been making great exports to the America and Europe regions and even to the African region in the shirt industry to the whole world.

Women's shirts, which are among the indispensable products of the women's clothing sector, have a great importance for all boutiques. Our company  is one of the suppliers of the clothing industry and meets the women's clothing needs of many stores in Europe. Our company, which offers wholesale clothing services, is one of Turkey's leading companies in the women's clothing sector.

Shirts are very important for every boutique, women use shirt models a lot in their business and private lives, and for this reason, many boutique stores have the widest selection of women's shirt models. In this respect, our company attaches great importance to the collection of women's clothing shirts. 

It is our pleasure to serve you online. We export shirts from Turkey to the whole world.

Our company exports its quality shirts to boutiques all over the world. It sells wholesale, you can supply your products online in your region and we help you in this regard.

World's online wholesale women's website 

Kazee, theAmerica, Germany, Spain, England, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Scandinavian countries, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Austria, Nigeria, Congo Ghana, Angola, Egypt, Iraq Iran, Ireland, 

Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Cuba, Brazil, China , Korea, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Poland, Norway, Finland, Ukraine exports women's clothing to many countries.

We are also designing many products for many brands and chain stores and boutiques. We are the biggest women's clothing supplier in Turkey and we take great pleasure in presenting our products in your stores.

We do not want to serve you as your supplier in the women's wear shirt industry in Turkey. You can buy wholesale women's clothing from us online, as well as shirts and shirt types. Our high quality shirts will provide you with great profit. You can sell our products with pleasure in the most beautiful stands of our stores.

We are here to meet the shirt needs of our customers, most of whom are located in the USA.

We manufacture shirts with the features they want and we have a wide range of products.

If you wish, you can order the shirts you want to our company, we are able to make special products  for you.

There are many European brands that we produce specially. Our company takes orders and manufactures them in accordance with private labels. We are making big breakthroughs in the wholesale clothing sector with the fairs we have attended. We produce women's clothing shirts with the latest technology machines in our production line.

As one of the women's clothing companies, our company is one of the leading companies in the clothing sector in many areas by exporting its products to the whole world.

Our company, which stands out with the women's shirt models it produces, sells wholesale shirts in its stores in Istanbul Laleli.

An infrastructure specializing in shirts

It has a very large collection of shirts, it is stocked with women's shirts.

The women's shirt products sold by our company, which many stores and boutiques rely on, are appreciated. It has done shopping with confidence in many boutiques in Turkey, wholesale women's clothing company Kazee sends its products to all of Turkey in wholesale.

The production processes of the shirts produced with the highest quality are prepared by the professional team of our company. It prepares its collections with many European design offices. Our company, which has made a name for itself in the women's clothing sector with its unique designs, has the most professional and trendy models in shirts. 

Our company, which has been producing the most beautiful collections of women's clothing for many years, does not compromise on its quality in this regard.

It is the leading company in the production and sale of shirts, with the fabrics it uses, sewing quality and patterns, among the reasons for the superior quality it has used in the production of women's shirts.

Among the shirt collections of our company, which sells its products in bulk through the shirts produced in its own factory and the wholesale women's clothing stores in Laleli, the Istanbul wholesale market;

Plus size women's shirts,

Over size  women's shirts, 

striped fabric women's shirts, 

printed fabric women's shirts, 

printed pattern cotton Waal women's shirts, 

slit pattern women's shirts, 

long sleeve women's shirts, 

short sleeve women's shirts, 

that bat pattern women's shirts, 

league king Poplinwomen's shirts, 

tunic women's shirts, 

wash women's shirts, 

crystal stone women's shirts, 

Kazee is a brand where you can find

Kazee is one of the clothing wholesalers in Istanbul and is the most trendy company of women's clothing in Laleli. The place of fashion in today's life and women's clothing sector is very important, for this reason, many designers work within our company.

Only in the shirt department, our company has two professional chief designers, four designer three models.

Our company, which is the leader of wholesale women's clothing and wholesale women's shirts industry, is proud to present women's clothing mu shirts to our valued customers. 

You can order many women's shirt models online on our site. 

On our site, you can pay with payment options such as credit card, bank transfer, cargo payment, riya, zalata corona, Westen. You can view and order women's shirts online. 

If you wish, you can register on our site and leave a special note during registration. We are pleased to receive you, our valued customers.

In the wholesale clothing sector, our company does its best to make your shopping enjoyable by offering you various services and products. Catalogs of our women's shirts are regularly uploaded online on our Telegram channels, and you can see the videos of our products on social media platforms. 

Our company, which serves each region with a separate customer representative, is happy to work with you.

Things to consider when ordering wholesale women's shirts.

Although the price of the product is important, its quality is more important in today's age, in this sense, buying and selling affordable women's shirts is not so commercial, but it is important for your customers and your boutique to buy quality women's shirts in wholesale and sell them in your store.

Why you should buy wholesale women's shirts from Kaze The shirts you

Kazee are of very high quality, their patterns and seams are very smooth. Our company does not produce or sell poor quality products in any product range in any way.

Our company is in a superior position in terms of fabric quality in the wholesale women's shirt industry and serves with women's shirt fabrics imported from many countries.

We specially design the molds, we try each of our molds with rehearsal mannequins.

Shirt production process

Our company, which has a wide machine park, has five threads, Singer, four threads, special interlining machine, collar machine, pocket machine, collar attaching machine, extrafor sewing machine in shirt production. Our interlinings are lycra fabric interlining, they do not swell in washing, you can use our shirts for years.

The fabrics we use are of very high quality, do not release or creep during wear. 

Our buttons do not contain carcinogens, we do not use polyester threads in any way, the sewing threads we use are nylon derivatives.

We manufacture and wholesale shirts with superior quality.

We send our models and products, which have passed fabric tests, quality control and repeated tests in the washing tests of all the shirts it produces, to our wholesale clothing store, and from there we send them to every region of the world.

All the products you order online are shipped after passing the quality control.

We Are the world's most serious wholesale ready-to-wear and women's clothing exporter and manufacturer.

We will be happy to welcome you in our store and to work with you on our online site.

You can find all kinds of women's clothing on our online site where you can order wholesale women's clothing.

We thank you in advance and wish you success in your business life.

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