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Wholesale Outerwear

Turkey's outerwear wholesaler and manufacturer , is an important company in the women's outerwear sector with its unique design products. Our company, which has long been manned in large size outerwear models, offers you a wide collection. 

Our collections are divided into women's raincoats, women's coats, women's jackets, women's vests. Our outerwear collection, which we have produced from knitted fabrics, is very special. We make a difference with our collection that combines elegance and quality. You can buy quality and stylish outerwear products from our company wholesale.

Wholesale Outerwear from Turkey

Turkish women's clothing brand Kazee, aIt exports its products to all countries of the world. Kazee is a wholesaler and manufacturer company. If you wish, you can make special products for your brand or company. Kazee, Turkey's most established wholesale women's clothing seller, has been operating since 1992. Our brand, which stands out with its quality and designs, is appreciated and preferred by all our customers. 

Kazee is Turkey's Women's Clothing Manufacturer and Women's Clothing Wholesaler. 

Turkish Outerwear Manufacturer

Kazee is Turkey's most powerful and well-established women's clothing manufacturer . It produces for the world's leading brands from its factory in Istanbul. It provides service with its own brand in two wholesale stores in Laleli. Our factory, which is a partner to many brands and companies, responds to your special orders. The main outerwear brands we have made from Turkey and the world are generally: America, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Greece, Canada. Kazee is an export company and has a long history of exporting outerwear. Kazee, which produces with its expert staff, is within the scope of Weaving, Sewing, Embroidery, Stone Press, Digital Printing, Ironing, Package, Cutting and Design. 

For our factory: https://www.kazeeofficial.com/fabrika You can contact via. 

Quality Wholesale Outerwear 

Our company, which gives importance to quality, carefully selects all its raw materials during the production process. Our products, which are all made of special materials in the outerwear collection, are highly appreciated by the whole world. Our limited number of outerwear products produced with Angora yarns are very special. We make different designs with digitally printed fabrics for our outerwear collections. We produce raincoats with our technical special fabrics that do not absorb water. wholesale outerwear for your store, you should choose Kazee, the address of quality!

Wholesale Outerwear Prices 

Wholesale outerwear prices vary according to the fabric and accessories used. Kazee is one of the leading companies in the outerwear sector due to the highest quality raw materials it has used and the price policies it has implemented. Our company sells the special raw materials, special accessories, special threads and sewing quality and costly products used in the production line in a reasonable way compared to its competitors. Since it is a manufacturer, we sell first-hand wholesale outerwear. 

Wholesale Women's Coat Models 

Wholesale coat models are generally produced from knitwear angora yarns. After the Angora yarns are knitted on 7gg and 14gg machines, they pass through a special machine to stick the interlining and reach the desired coat texture. We print their throws on satin fabrics especially in our digital printing workshop. Angora fabrics are printed in our special digital workshop and become a special design product. After all these processes, the sewing process takes place in special coat workshops. All of the accessories are specially made of gold and silver plated and do not rust in any way. You can order our coat models, each of which is specially designed, from our website. 

For our wholesale Coat models: https://www.kazeeofficial.com/toptan-kadin-kaban-models 

Wholesale Women's Raincoat Models Our 

Wholesale women's raincoat models are produced with special fabrics. This raincoat collection, which is produced entirely with imported and valuable fabrics, stands out with its designs. 

Crystal stones and embroidery are used in your raincoat designs. This special process is specially produced on our embroidery and DMc crystal grinding machines in our own factory. 

Our raincoat fabrics are waterproof. The satin fabrics used are first class. You can find our exclusive and beautiful wholesale raincoat collection on our website. For Our Wholesale Raincoat Collection: 


Wholesale Women's Jacket Models 

Wholesale women's jackets Our company, which producesWe have various designs with crystal stones in our women's jacket collection. 

Our women's jacket collection, which we have specially combined with DMC crystal stones and embroidery, is highly appreciated. We produce our collection, which is produced in limited numbers, with very special fabrics. The mold and sewing quality of our products, which are developed by our expert designs and molds, are of very high quality. 

You can see our wholesale Women's Jacket collection on our website. For our Women's Jacket collection: https://www.kazeeofficial.com/toptan-kadin-ceket-modelleri 

Wholesale Women's Vest Models Our

Wholesale women's vest models are knitwear vest concepts. These vest models, which are produced with 14gg and 7gg viscose elite, viscose core spun yarns, are at the forefront with their very special textures and softness. DMC crystal stones Our vests, which are filtered withOur collection of long vests is appreciated by our conservative customers. Our collections, all of which are private, are suitable for office, daily and evening wear.our wholesale women's vest collections on our website www.kazeeofficial.com

For our Wholesale Women's Vest collections: https://www.kazeeofficial.com/toptan-kadin-yelek-modelleri 

Wholesale Women's Clothing Kazee 

Wholesale women's clothing one of the oldest and well-established companies in theAmong the products it produces: women's knitwear, women's trousers, women's t-shirts, women's blouses, women's skirts, women's outerwear, women's jackets, women's jeans, women's accessories serve the whole world. If you want to buy wholesale women's clothing online, you can buy quality products from Kazee. 

Kazee is a Turkish Women's Clothing Brand that has been producing women's clothing since 1992

The Most Stylish Outerwear Products at Kazee

Outerwear products, which are among the indispensables of women's combinations, are waiting for you in Kazee with very special models that you can place in your store. Among the outerwear products are stylish; Kazee, where you can find woolen cardigans, knitwear cardigans, angora cardigans, raincoats, jackets and coats, offers a wide selection of wholesale clothing in different colors and designs. You can purchase many outerwear products such as pockets, zippered and hooded, short or long raincoat models with Kazee privileges and offer them to your customers.

Special Design Options

Kazee carries out the wholesale production of women's clothing that reflects fashion trends. If you want to buy products with special logos and labels for your store, you can safely choose Kazee's women's outerwear products designed with the highest quality fabrics.

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