Moscow Fair Kazee from Turkey! Moscow Fair Kazee from Turkey Kazee Wholesale women's clothing , like every year, this year takes part in exhibitions in different countries of the world. His stop this year is Moscow is a fair. In the center of Moscow, this exhibition presents stands of companies providing women's clothing tailoring services from all over the world. As the Turkish women's clothing wholesale company Kazee, it was also present at this exhibition in the main corner and presented quality products based on women's clothing at its stands. Held in Moscow on November 16-17, 2022 We welcome all our visitors to this fair, which will be held from 10:00 to 18:00 Dec. Wholesale of women's clothing from Turkey to Moscow Wholesale of women's clothing kazee is one of the world's leading clothing companies. The Turkish company Kazee has stores in many countries of the world and sends goods in bulk to many countries. Kazee Luxury Women's Clothing Wholesale Brand from Turkey Our company located in Istanbul Laleli, clothing wholesale center, was founded in 1992. Since our establishment, we have been one of the leading enterprises in the women's clothing sector, our women's textile company sells all of its products in its factory in Topkapi, Istanbul. With his staff specialized in women's clothing, he manages the wholesale clothing business. In this highly competitive sector, our company is at the forefront of quality, and our company, which always pays special attention to quality, offers professional solutions to its customers. Online Wholesale is one of the most important women's clothing wholesale organizations. For boutiques looking for wholesale fashion, Kazee is the highest quality, most trusted and luxurious brand in Turkey. For boutique owners in Kazee, you can easily find many varieties of women's clothing in plus sizes and women's clothing in small sizes. So, what are the products in Kazee Women's Clothing Wholesale? Wholesale Women's Knitted Sweaters, Wholesale Women's Tracksuits, Wholesale Women's Pants, Wholesale Women's Blouses, Wholesale Women 's Accessories, Wholesale Women's Shirts, Wholesale Women's Dresses, Our stores: Kazee clothing wholesale website: Address of our wholesale store: Kazee Clothing wholesale contact: Kazee Clothing Wholesale Social Media: Factory: You can see the products of Kazee, which has been a clothing wholesaler in Turkey since 1992, at

Ready-to-Wear and Fashion Fair IFCO | KAZEE 24-25-26 AUGUST!

Kazee Istanbul Wholesale Women's Clothing Our stands took place at the fair held in Kazee IFCO exhibition center on 24-25-26 August. KAZEE is indisputably the best quality, most assertive and best company in the Wholesale Women's Clothing Kazee Ready-to-Wear and Textile Sector. KAZEE, located in the Istanbul fair center, dazzled with its quality and success. There was a great interest in Kazee's products at the Istanbul ready-to-wear and fashion fair, where many wholesalers from Turkey and the world participated. Our company, which successfully demonstrated itself and its quality in a fair, attracted great attention. At this fair, our guests came to visit us from all over the world. Iran, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tatar, etc. Our wholesaler guests from different countries have enjoyed buying products from us. Products produced by Kazee women's clothing; manufactures, wholesales and exports women's knitwear, women's trousers, women's shirts, women's blouses, women's knitted combed cotton, women's knitwear dresses, women's coats, women's coats, plus size women's clothing. Kazee Retail : Kazee Wholesale : Reel Textile Factory : KAZEE Merchandising textile industry and trade ltd. sti. Architect Kemalettin neighborhood, Şair Haşmet street No: 4/B LALELİ / ISTANBUL / TURKEY Tax Office : Beyazıt Tax No: 541 106 2582 Google Map : 3D Store : Kazee Laleli Branch : Koska Street No: 4/B LALELİ-İSTANBUL - TURKEY Google Map : 3D Store : All rights of our page belong to KAZEE brand. Kazee is a REEL TEKSTİL brand and all rights belong to it. All the videos on our page belong to our company, the products on our page are our own products and all patents and certificates are available. REEL Textile Industry Trade Limited Company Headquarters: Maltepe Yolu Obakoy Business Center No: 11/216 Zeytinburnu - Istanbul - Turkey Tax Office: Davutpasa Tax number: 734 005 0671 Trade registration number: 294018/241600 KAZEE brand belongs to our company, link to Madrid International Agreement: Patent number: 1506822 Information: #IFCOModaFaari2022KAZEEStantInstallation #istanbulfuarmerkezi, #fashionfair, #ifcofair, #kazee #fashion, #ifco2022 #fashionfair2022 #ifco #wholesalewomengiyimkazee, wholesale women's clothing store wholesale clothing from factory, women's clothing brand wholesale women's clothing, women's clothing, wholesale women's plus size clothing, wholesale women's clothing Turkey, wholesale women's clothing Istanbul, wholesale women's clothing Laleli, wholesale quality women's clothing, wholesale clothing, Clothing manufacturer from Turkey, wholesale clothing from Turkey, ordering clothes from turkey, wholesale clothing,

IFCO Ready-to-Wear and Fashion Fair | 8-9-10-11 February 2023 Kazee!

Turkey Istanbul CNR Ready-to-wear and fashion week, Kazee is once again on the field. Kazee participated in the Istanbul ready-to-wear fashion fair held in Florya, Istanbul on 8-9-10-11 February 2023, in which wholesalers from around the world participated, and introduced Kazee's quality to its customers, gave information about its products, and proved how stones are made. Kazee IFCO left its stands at the exhibition center to its products in 2023. Kazee, a wholesale women's clothing brand, which finds a wide variety of quality products, has been the focus of attention. You are invited to the Istanbul Fashion Fair held on February 8-9-10-11!! We welcome all our customers to the IFCO exhibition center. Our company, which is located in Istanbul Laleli, which is a wholesale clothing center, was established in 1992. Since the day it was founded, it has been one of the leading companies in the women's clothing industry. Our company, which produces women's textile products, carries out all its products in its factory in Istanbul, Topkapı. It directs the wholesale clothing industry with its staff specialized in women's clothing. In this sector where competition is intense, our company is at the forefront with its quality, our company, which always gives importance to quality, produces professional solutions for its customers. It is one of the most important organizations of Online Wholesale Women's Wholesale Clothing. As it is known, there are Merter, Osmanbey and Laleli markets in the Istanbul textile market. Our company has two wholesale women's clothing stores in the Laleli market, where women's clothing is mostly sold. Our company, which stands out among Merter wholesalers, Osmanbey Wholesalers, Güngören Wholesalers, Laleli Wholesalers, makes a difference with its production power. Our company, which provides Factory Outlet Wholesale Women's Clothing service, produces wholesale products in our factory in Topkapı, in our 2 Factory Outlet stores in Laleli, and is also sold online on our Kazee Official site. Kazee is Turkey's Online Wholesale Women's Clothing Site, we are sending women's clothing products quickly. We send your online orders directly from our factory to the addresses we are in.

We are waiting for you at Kazee International Central Asia Fashion Fair! 13-14-15 March 2023

Central Asia Fashion, the most successful fashion fair of the Central Asian region, attracting attention with its interest in Turkish products, will bring together all the key players of the fashion industry on the same platform in Almaty, Kazakhstan, between 13-14-15 March 2023. Addressing department stores and chain stores, especially boutique purchasing groups, the fair is expected to attract a large number of visitors this year in parallel with the economy of Kazakhstan. Creating an ideal ground for the establishment of business contacts of professionals, the CAF Fair will be held in Italy, France, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, England, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Belarus, Romania, etc. It has more than 110 main participants from 12 countries. It is mainly visited by Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Russia and CIS countries. This event has established itself as the only event specializing in the fashion retail market of Kazakhstan, which attracts market leaders and new players. Women's Clothing, Kazee will appear at the fair with its entire team and all products at the CAF Fair, the address for those who want to enter the Central Asian market or increase their market share. Kazee's categories include; Wholesale Women's knitwear, Wholesale Women's angora sweater models, Wholesale Women Skirt, Wholesale Women's Pants, plus size women's clothing, wholesale ladies blouse, Wholesale Women T Shirt, Wholesale Women's Tracksuits, Wholesale Women's Outerwear, wholesale women Cardigan, Wholesale Women's Coat models, Wholesale Women Bolero, Small Size Women's Clothing, There are many categories such as Stone Embroidered Women's clothing models. As we sell to the whole world, countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Moscow and Turkmenistan have bought Kazee's products a lot, and they have been highly preferred in terms of quality and trust. If you are in the boutique buying group, you can try Kazee. our wholesale our retail site, our factory and our official sites where our production is carried out.

Uzbekistan Tashkent Fashion Fair 29-30-31 January 2024!

Uzbekistan Tashkent Fashion Fair 29-30-31 January 2024 Turkey's Leading Clothing Brand Kazee is Preparing for the Fashion Fair in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. We will meet at the Uzbekistan Tashkent Fashion Clothing and Textile Fair on 29-30-31 January 2024. Kazee, the world's leading clothing company, will travel to Uzbekistan this season to exhibit and promote its new collections, as it does every season. There will be participation in the fair from many countries such as Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. Visitors examine the new season products and prepare a collection of the models they like for their own stores. Kazee brand, which is the most popular company in the highly demanded fair area, will attract your appreciation with its dazzling beauty with all its stands. You can find all the clothing models you are looking for in Kazee women's clothing brand, we have created wonderful products with various patterns and various colors. We would like to welcome you to our fair area in our new season collection and would be happy to have you accompany us. You can order Kazee wholesale women's clothing export products in any model you want, and we can export your product orders to anywhere you want, no matter which country you are in. Kazee, the most assertive clothing brand at the Uzbekistan Fashion and Textile Fair, will be at the fairground between 29-31 JANUARY.

Узбекистан Ташкентская ярмарка моды 29-30-31 января 2024 г!

Узбекистан Ташкентская ярмарка моды 29-30-31 января 2024 г. Ведущий турецкий бренд одежды Kazee готовится к ярмарке моды в Ташкенте, Узбекистан. Встречаемся на Ташкентской ярмарке модной одежды и текстиля 29-30-31 января 2024 года. Kazee, ведущая мировая компания по производству одежды, в этом сезоне отправится в Узбекистан для демонстрации и продвижения своих новых коллекций, как это происходит каждый сезон. В ярмарке примут участие представители многих стран, таких как Беларусь, Россия, Узбекистан, Туркменистан, Кыргызстан и Турция. Посетители рассматривают продукцию нового сезона и готовят коллекцию понравившихся моделей для собственных магазинов. Бренд Kazee, самая популярная компания на востребованной выставочной площадке, привлечет ваше внимание своей ослепительной красотой на всех своих стендах. Все модели одежды, которые вы ищете, вы можете найти в бренде женской одежды Kazee, мы создали замечательные изделия с различными узорами и разными цветами. Мы хотели бы приветствовать вас на нашей ярмарке с нашей новой сезонной коллекцией и будем рады, если вы будете сопровождать нас. Вы можете заказать оптовую экспортную продукцию женской одежды Kazee любой модели, которую вы хотите, и мы можем экспортировать ваши заказы на продукцию в любое место, где бы вы ни находились, независимо от того, в какой стране вы находитесь. Kazee, самый агрессивный бренд одежды на Ярмарке моды и текстиля в Узбекистане, будет присутствовать на ярмарке с 29 по 31 ЯНВАРЯ.

Özbekistan Taşkent Moda Fuarı 29-30-31 Ocak 2024!

Özbekistan Taşkent Moda Fuarı 29-30-31 Ocak 2024 Türkiye'nin Lider Giyim Markası Kazee Özbekistan Taşkent'deki Moda Fuarına Hazırlanıyor. 29-30-31 Ocak 2024 Özbekistan Taşkent Moda giyim ve Tekstil fuarında buluşuyoruz. Dünyanın en önde gelen giyim firması Kazee her sezon olduğu gibi bu sezonda yeni koleksiyonlarını sergilemek ve tanıtmak için Özbekistan' a yolculuk yapacak. Fuara Belarus, Rusya, Özbekistan, Türkmenistan, Kırgızistan, Türkiye gibi pek çok ülkelerden katılım olucaktır. Ziyaretçiler yeni sezon ürünlerini inceler ve kendi mağazaları için beğendikleri modellerden kendilerine bir koleksiyon hazırlarlar. Oldukça talep gören fuar alanının en gözde firması olan Kazee markası da tüm standları ile göz kamaştırıcı güzelliği ile sizlerin beğenisini toplayacakdır. Kazee kadın giyim markasında aradığınız tüm giyim modellerini bulabilir, çeşitli desenler ve çeşitli renkler ile birlikte harika ürünlere imza attık. Yeni sezon koleksiyonumuzda sizleri de fuar alanımıza bekler ve bizlere eşlik etmenizden dolayı mutluluk duyarız. Kazee toptan kadın giyim ihracat ürünlerini dilediğiniz her modelden sipariş oluşturabilir ve hangi ülkede olursanız olun ürün siparişlerinizi dilediğiniz her yere ihracatını gerçekleştiriz. Özbekistan Moda ve Tekstil fuarında En iddalı Giyim markası Kazee 29-31 OCAK tarihleri arasında fuar alanında olacaktır.

KAZEE - IFCO fair will be held between 07-09 August 2024!

KAZEE - IFCO fair will be held between 07-09 August 2024! As Kazee, the most assertive and highest quality clothing brand of Kazee Retailing and Textile Factories, we are honored to take part in the Istanbul Fashion Connection Fair, the international fair that the ready-made clothing industry has been longing for for years, and to promote our products. Kazee is known as the Turkish women's clothing company and the best in the textile industry, and has become indispensable for all brands with its well-known quality. We are taking part in this global fair that will build long-lasting bridges between buyers and brands from all over the world, and as always, we continue to grow at full speed in the name of branding. At the Istanbul Fashion Connection Fair, we are an experienced company that has addressed sustainability issues, especially with our design products, plus size women's clothing, sparkling stone embroidery, stitch by stitch embroidery and digital printed varieties, and the favorite colors of the period are fashionable. We are coming to present you with your favorite and most trendy models! We are happy to meet you at the Kazee İFCO fair, which is an important supply company serving the whole world with our collections that will be exported with our brand. In our industry, where we primarily serve plus-size women's clothing, there are thousands of varieties that women can choose from. I would like to remind you again about our product groups. Women's tracksuits, sweaters, boleros, knitwear, long sleeve knitwear, short sleeve knitwear, t-shirts, combed cotton, blouses, skirts, trousers, ponchos, outerwear, cardigans, raincoats, etc. We have very alternative products with a variety of color scales and patterns. We are waiting for you at our stands at the IFCO fair!

KAZEE - IFCO fuarı 07-09 Ağustos 2024 tarihleri arasında gerçekleştirilecek!!

KAZEE - IFCO fuarı 07-09 Ağustos 2024 tarihleri arasında gerçekleştirilecek! Hazır giyim sektörünün yıllardır özlemini çektiği uluslararası fuar olan İstanbul Fashion Connection Fuarı'na Kazee Mağazacılık ve Tekstil Fabrikalarının en iddalı ve en kaliteli giyim markası olan Kazee firması olarak yine bir İstanbul fuarında yer almaktan ve ürünlerimizin tanıtımını yapmaktan onur duyuyoruz. Kazee, Türk kadın giyim firması ve tekstil sektörünün en iyisi olarak tanınmış, bilinmiş kalitesi ile tüm markaların vazgeçilmez olmuştur. Dünyanın dört bir yanından alıcılar ve markalar arasında uzun ömürlü köprüler kuracak bu küresel fuarda yer alıyoruz ve yine her zaman olduğu gibi markalaşma adına büyümeye tüm hızla devam ediyoruz. İstanbul Fashion Connection Fuarı'nda özellikle tasarım ürünlerimiz, büyük beden kadın giyim, ışıl ışıl işlenmiş taş işlemeleri, ilmek ilmek nakış işlemeleri ve dijital baskılı çeşitleriyle fazlasıyla kapsamlı ve sürdürülebilirlik konularını ele almış, dönemin favori renkleri modaya uygunluğu ile deneyimli bir firma olduğumuzdan kaynaklı sizlerin en sevdiği ve en trend modeller ile karşınızda olmaya geliyoruz! Markamız ile ihracat gerçekleştirecek koleksiyonlarımız ile tüm dünyaya hizmet veren önemli tedarik firması olan Kazee İFCO fuarda sizlerle bir araya gelmekten mutlulu duyuyoruz. Başta büyük beden kadın giyim üzerine hizmet verdiğimiz sektörümüzde, kadınların tercih edebildiği binlerce çeşit olup ürün gruplarımızı sizler için tekrardan hatırlatmak isterim. Kadın eşofman takımları, süveter, bolero, triko, uzun kol triko, kısa kol triko, tişört, penye, bluz, etek, pantolon, panço, dış giyim, hırka, yağmurluk vb. çeşit çeşit renk skalasıyla ve desenleri ile oldukça altarnatif ürünlerimiz mevcuttur. Sizleri İFCO fuarında standlarımızda bekliyoruz!

19- 22 February Moscow Fashion Clothing Fair (CPM) Kazee brand meets you!

19- 22 February Moscow Fashion Clothing Fair (CPM) Kazee brand meets you! CPM is one of Eastern Europe's leading international fashion fairs with the participation of over 1300 international brands. As Kazee company, we will be with you again with a fair. As the world's leading export brand, we offer you a brand new collection and the most trendy pieces of the season. We started to prepare our stands with the most popular models of the Kazee brand and women's favorite runes. We will win your hearts with our most beautiful collection and the new season's plus size and small size clothing models. Clothing sector promotions will take place at this fair center, where all exporters and clothing sector companies from all over the world will participate. As Kazee women's clothing brand, you can browse whatever you want from Kazee stands where your favorite models are available. Reaching 23,000 visitors from approximately 20 different countries, CPM is positioned as an international trade center where many buyers place their orders with its high market potential. We are setting out to meet you at this fair, as every year. We are waiting for Kazee lovers!

19-22 февраля Московская ярмарка модной одежды (CPM) Бренд Kazee встречает вас!

19-22 февраля Московская ярмарка модной одежды (CPM) Бренд Kazee встречает вас! CPM — одна из ведущих международных ярмарок моды в Восточной Европе, в которой принимают участие более 1300 международных брендов. Как компания Kazee, мы снова будем с вами на ярмарке. Как ведущий мировой экспортный бренд, мы предлагаем вам совершенно новую коллекцию и самые модные вещи сезона. Мы начали готовить стенды с самыми популярными моделями бренда Kazee и любимыми женскими рунами. Мы покорим ваши сердца нашей самой красивой коллекцией и моделями одежды больших и маленьких размеров нового сезона. В этом выставочном центре пройдут акции швейной отрасли, в которых примут участие все экспортеры и компании швейной отрасли со всего мира. Как бренд женской одежды Kazee, вы можете просматривать все, что захотите, на стендах Kazee, где представлены ваши любимые модели. CPM, привлекающий 23 000 посетителей примерно из 20 разных стран, позиционируется как международный торговый центр, где множество покупателей размещают свои заказы, благодаря высокому рыночному потенциалу. Как и каждый год, мы собираемся встретиться с вами на этой ярмарке. Ждем любителей Каzee!

KAZEE - IFCO fair will be held between 07-09 August 2024!

BISHKEK FASHION AND TEXTILE FAIR1-3 MARCH 2023KYRGYZSTAN Bishkek, where the DORDOY MARKET, the largest wholesale market in Central Asia, is located, with stores and boutiques attended by approximately 40,000 wholesalers; It is the trade center of Central Asia, especially Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, East Turkestan and Siberia. You will also see the Kazee brand at the Bişek Fashion fair, one of the most influential fairs in the world. Yes, as in every season, the Kazee brand will take its place this season too. We would like to thank you very much for your interest and requests during this period when we started the preparations for the whole season without slowing down. Dordoy fair attracts participation from all over the world. We would like to remind you again that Kazee brand is the most striking and assertive company in the fair area, where there are companies exporting from many countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Azerbaijan! We carry out all the necessary exports of the clothing trade both from Turkey and from all over the world. You can be sure that we can send goods directly from Turkey to places such as Kazakhstan, Siberia and Uzbekistan and accompany you in the fair area in the best possible way. Dordoy market has become one of the most famous and active fairgrounds. We are honored to be your favorite with good brands in this most famous fairground. We are waiting for all Kazee lovers at the Kazee stands at Dordoy market fairground!


БИШКЕКСКАЯ ЯРМАРКА МОДЫ И ТЕКСТАЛЯ 1-3 МАРТА 2023 ГОДА КЫРГЫЗСТАН Бишкек, где расположен крупнейший оптовый рынок Центральной Азии «ДОРДОЙ МАРКЕТ», магазины и бутики которого посещают около 40 000 оптовиков; Это торговый центр Центральной Азии, особенно Кыргызстана, Казахстана, Узбекистана, Восточного Туркестана и Сибири. Вы также увидите бренд Kazee на выставке Bişek Fashion, одной из самых влиятельных ярмарок в мире. Да, как и в каждом сезоне, бренд Kazee займет свое место и в этом сезоне. Мы хотели бы сказать вам большое спасибо за ваш интерес и пожелания в тот период, когда мы, не сбавляя темпа, начали подготовку ко всему сезону. Ярмарка Дордой привлекает участников со всего мира. Хотим еще раз напомнить, что бренд Kazee – самая яркая и напористая компания на выставочной площадке, где представлены компании-экспортеры из многих стран, таких как Узбекистан, Туркменистан, Казахстан, Кыргызстан, Турция и Азербайджан! Мы осуществляем весь необходимый экспорт торговли одеждой как из Турции, так и со всего мира. Вы можете быть уверены, что мы можем отправить товар напрямую из Турции в такие места, как Казахстан, Сибирь и Узбекистан, и наилучшим образом сопроводить вас на выставочной площади. Рынок Дордой стал одной из самых известных и активных ярмарочных площадок. Для нас большая честь быть вашим фаворитом среди хороших брендов на этой самой известной ярмарке. Ждем всех любителей Кази на стендах Кази на ярмарочном комплексе Дордой!

11-13 March 2024 Central Asia Fashion (CAF) Kazakhstan Almaty Fashion Fair!

11-13 March 2024 Central Asia Fashion (CAF) Kazakhstan Almaty Fashion Fair Central Asia Fashion, the most successful fashion fair in the Central Asia region, which draws attention with its interest in Turkish products, will bring together all the key brands of the fashion industry on the same platform in Almaty, Kazakhstan, between 11 and 13 March 2024. Kazee Brand is the most loved brand in the Central Asian region. Our most loved and preferred brand by Central Asian boutiques, Kazee, we are coming to Kazakhstan again for you! The fair, which appeals primarily to boutique purchasing groups as well as department stores and chain stores, is expected to attract a large number of visitors this year, with Kazee brand products being the most popular. Creating an ideal ground for professionals to establish business contacts, CAF Fair hosts Italy, France, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, England, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Belarus, Romania, etc. It has more than 110 main participants from 12 countries. It is mainly visited by Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Russia and CIS countries. Kazee has become the best among the market leaders and has established itself as the only company brand specializing in the fashion wholesale market of Kazakhstan. As in the Kazakhstan / Almaty fashion fair held last year, Kazee company is a very popular and in-demand company, so we are about to meet you at a brand new fair this year!

11-13 марта 2024 г. Central Asia Fashion (CAF) Казахстан Алматы Ярмарка Моды!

11-13 марта 2024 г. Central Asia Fashion (CAF) Казахстан Алматы Ярмарка Моды Central Asia Fashion, самая успешная выставка моды в регионе Центральной Азии, привлекающая внимание своим интересом к турецкой продукции, соберет все ключевые бренды модной индустрии на одной площадке в Алматы, Казахстан, с 11 по 13 марта. 2024. Kazee Brand – самый любимый бренд в Центральноазиатском регионе. Наш самый любимый и предпочитаемый бренд среди бутиков Средней Азии Kazee, мы снова приезжаем в Казахстан за вами! Ожидается, что в этом году ярмарка, ориентированная в первую очередь на группы закупщиков бутиков, а также универмаги и сетевые магазины, привлечет большое количество посетителей, причем наибольшей популярностью будут пользоваться товары бренда Kazee. Создавая идеальную площадку для установления деловых контактов профессионалами, ярмарка CAF принимает Италию, Францию, Грецию, Россию, Турцию, Латвию, Литву, Англию, Польшу, Казахстан, Кыргызстан, Монголию, Белоруссию, Румынию и др. В нем принимают участие более 110 основных участников из 12 стран. В основном его посещают Казахстан, Кыргызстан, Туркменистан, Россия и страны СНГ. Kazee стала лучшей среди лидеров рынка и зарекомендовала себя как единственная компания-бренд, специализирующаяся на оптовом рынке модной одежды Казахстана. Как и на ярмарке моды в Казахстане/Алмате, проходившей в прошлом году, компания Kazee является очень популярной и востребованной компанией, поэтому в этом году мы собираемся встретиться с вами на совершенно новой ярмарке!

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