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Wholesale Women's Pants | Women's Clothing Wholesale Kazee

Kazee women's pants, tights and women's clothing wholesale.
One of the leading women's clothing manufacturers in Turkey, Kazee's trousers are;

  • Plus Size Women's Trousers.
  • Knitwear Women's Trousers.
  • Women's Jeans.
  • Embroidered Women's Trousers.
  • Women's Elastic Waist Trousers.
  • Wide Cut Women's Trousers.
  • Slim Fit Women's Trousers.
  • Leggings Pants.
  • Crystal Tee Embroidered Women's Trousers.

We provide wholesale service with a very wide collection of trousers.

The most important thing for the pants is the pattern!

Our company is a company that has proven itself in the production and wholesale of women's trousers.
Our molds are highly appreciated by our customers.
We have models from many kinds of women's trousers in our collection. We attach great importance to our patterns.

Women's Trousers Models that Create Style for All Seasons

Kazee women's trousers models, which can be preferred for both daily life and special moments, are indispensable for combinations. Women's trousers models with size options put an end to the search for large sizes. Models take their place in wardrobes with the comfort and comfort they provide in summer and winter.

Highlight Your Brand With Women's Trousers Models

With their elegant cuts and modern designs, women's trousers have many pattern and color options. Models that appeal to all tastes continue to be the key part of the combinations. With Kazee, which has a wide range of products, you can evaluate the product options with private labels for your brand. You can also produce wholesale trousers with your own brand.

High Quality in Women's Trousers Production

Our company, which is a manufacturer of women's trousers, manufactures women's trousers with the understanding of quality that has been given over the years. It sells the beautiful women's trousers collection it has produced to the whole world in wholesale at its stores in Istanbul Fatih Laleli.
Our company, which is the choice of many boutiques and stores, has a say in the field of wholesale clothing. If you are going to buy women's clothing for your store, you are at the right address.

The fabrics we use in our trouser models are of the highest quality.

Sucuba lycra, 60% viscose rayon, 37% Nylon, 3% eesthane.
Denim lycra, 96% cotton, 4% eesthane.
Cotton Gabardine lycra, 97% cotton, 3% elestahane.

Our trousers are sewn in our own factory and go through the following processes;

The side seams of our trousers are sewn in 5 thread ovorlock.
The belt section is sewn on special belt machines.
Zippers are sewn with double stitches.
It is sewn on the bridges in the pockets and waist area with ponterest.
The pocket section is sewn neatly on the special pocket machine.
Back pockets are sewn on double needle machines with special cancellation.

We manufacture and wholesale 20,000 women's trousers per month.

We export the trousers we produce to all countries of the world. Countries we export trousers to;

America, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, France, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Iraq.

We export women's trousers to all countries of the world.

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