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Women's Knitwear Wholesale

Kazee, a wholesale women's knitwear manufacturer, exports its quality and stylish women's knitwear products to all of Turkey and the world.

Our company, which is one of the leading companies in the wholesale women's knitwear sector, has a diverse collection with 14gg, 12gg, 10gg, 7gg, 5gg knitwear products.

You can find all kinds of women's knitwear products in our store and on our website.

Knitwear wholesaler with the highest number of women's knitwear sweaters

We serve hundreds of models as stock service in our company. We have been producing women's knitwear for over 35 years. We export to many countries.

Among the countries we export to; There are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, France, Angola,

Ghana, America, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, Kenya, Canada and many other countries.

Plus size women's knitwear models

Kazee has a very wide collection in the plus size knitwear collection. We have large size women's knit sweater models available in many patterns.
Among our large size women's knitwear patterns; There are bat sleeve, fake sleeve, turtle sleeve, short sleeve and long sleeve options.

We have slit tunic models.

Small size women's bodysuit knit sweater models

Kazee offers a wide range of collections to its customers as small size molds. Among the small size collections that our company has produced from all kinds of quality yarns;
bodywork, short sleeve american pattern, turtleneck long sleeve, crystal stone long sleeve, v-neck long sleeve, crew neck long sleeve serve a wide variety.

Wholesale Knitwear Dress

In our women's knit dress collection, we serve with many types of knitting, such as corduroy knitting, rib knitting, elastic knitting, solid needle knitting.

We get the appreciation of our customers with many patterns such as knitted long dress, knitted tunic dress, slit dress, open back dress.

Turtleneck Knitwear

Our turtleneck knitwear collection is in the patterns needed by many office workers in city life.

Our customers prefer our company with its texture and quality. All our boutique customers order our basic turtleneck products to their stores.

Our turtleneck basic collection is available in 36 colors.

Sweater Knitwear

Our high collar women's knitwear collection is highly preferred by all our retail and boutique customers.

We provide wholesale service in many patterns, as a stand-up collar.

You can find high collar plus size collections knitted from elite viscose fabrics in our company.

V-neck Knitwear

Our V-neck women's basic knitwear models are 36 colors. It is very popular in our V-neck knitwear models with stones.

We have many V-neck knitwear models available. It is sold in bulk.

Short Sleeve Women's Knitwear

Our company is the leader in the American pattern short sleeve elite fabric women's knitwear collection.

We serve in many types with crystal stone, basic, embroidered and printed.

Bicycle Collar Knitwear

Our crew neck women's knitwear models are 40 colors as basic. All our boutique customers prefer it.

It is the group that our customers receive the most. Our bicycle neck knitwear wholesale sales are in very high quantities.

Angora Knitwear

Our women's angora knitwear are among the products that our customers like very much and that they order from their stores as wholesale.

We provide wholesale service in our women's angora knitwear with different patterns such as digital printed, crystal stone, large size, small size.

Basic Knitwear

Basic knitwear, which is one of the must-have products for every store and boutique, our company offers a wide range of colors.

You can find Basic knitwear from our company between 30 and 50 colors depending on the season.

We have large size and small size basic women's knitwear as a pattern.

Kazee knitwear produces women's models with a wide variety of raw materials;

Wholesale women's knitwear models made of Viscose Elit yarn;

Viscose elite yarn is a natural fiber and it is a raw material that our company uses very intensively. we use viscose elite yarn in many of our models.

Wholesale women's knitwear models made of Angora yarn;

We produce bat sleeve, American pattern, digital printed, crystal stone, embroidered knitwear from Angora yarn.

Women's knitwear models made of wool yarn;
As wool yarn, we use 50% wool and 50% acrylic yarns. All of our products are produced by washing. We belong to a large collection.

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