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Wholesale Blouses and Dresses from Italy

You can find our dress models and blouse models imported from Italy in our stores and on our website. Our company has been importing products directly from Italy for many years.
We provide wholesale service with our dress and blouse models that we have a very large collection of.

We sell our products wholesale. All of our imported dress and blouse models are produced from silk, silk, viscose fabrics and are colored with parse dye and batik dyeing.
Our blouse and dress models, which we have produced with linen and cotton fabrics, are very comfortable and high quality fabrics are used.

Italian Blouse

Our lace blouses made of very comfortable silk fabrics are imported from Italy. We carry out the entire production process in factories in Italy.

We paint our products with special paint technology.

Italian Dress

Kazee produces Italian dress models inspired by the traditional clothes of Italians, one of the world's leading fashion pioneers. It is also possible to add various metal buttons and accessories to the Italian dress models, which attract attention with their plain appearance, lace and lined structure, in line with the request of your brand. You can instantly reflect the style colors of your brand to the user with Italian dresses that you can offer in various vibrant colors.

Kazee Wholesale Women's Italian Dress Sale

Kazee, on imported Italian dresses; It uses cotton, viscose and elastic fabric materials. Italian dresses can be easily ironed with light heat thanks to the imported technological fabric structure. Kazee provides the most suitable wholesale women's Italian dress production service for your brand with new generation fabrics and materials. In addition, the Italian dresses produced attract the attention of the users to your brand with their quality materials and easy use.

We export our production in Itlaya from Turkey to the whole world. The dresses and blouses produced in the factories where we have worked for many years are exported to the whole world in wholesale.

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