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Wholesale Plus Size Blouse Oversized

Wholesale purchases of women's clothing , which are the most preferred products for blouse models produced from a wide variety of fabrics. It is produced from viscose lycra, cotton lycra, linen lycra, in short, natural and flexible fabrics. Blouses made of flexible fabrics have the feature of being easy to use in every size range. It is one of the product groups that is most preferred by boutiques and has a fast sales chart. This group with high profitability is among the most preferred products. Kazee brand large size blouse wholesale sales are in high numbers. 

Plus Size Blouse

Plus size blouses are among the products most preferred by women, blouses such as t-shirts are among the products that are consumed more thanks to their daily use. Well-designed blouses are a savior for ladies. It can be worn in daily life and can be worn when going to a special place in the evening. Blouses designed with luminous fabrics are products that replace evening dresses. Although there are dozens of varieties in the wardrobe of women, it is among the products preferred by women. Blouse models that change with women's fashion can be multi-colored and patterned.Plus size women's clothing has proven it self.

Kazee Plus Size Blouse Wholesale 

Our company works with the best quality fabric manufacturers and their designs are realized by our special designers. We decorate our large size blouse models, which are produced with completely natural flexible fabrics, with crystal stones, digital prints, embroidery and hand pentur prints. We are at your service with hundreds of models, tens of colors and thousands of stocks. Kazee, one of the leading manufacturers of the wholesale women's industry, offers hundreds of models and varieties in the large size blouse segment. If you are looking for wholesale plus size blouse options to offer for sale in your business, you can easily do your wholesale shopping by taking advantage of Kazee.

Large Size Blouse Production 

Women's clothing production in its own factory, provides service with its special production departments. With its in-house designers for blouse production, it creates a good supply chain for our customers with new trendy blouse models every day. manufacturer , exports to all regions of Turkey and the World. Dozens of brands want the production of large size blouses from our company, because of our solid staff and strong manufacturing structure. You can also choose our company during the production process. 


Turkey's Largest Wholesale Plus Size Manufacturer

Production process in its own factory in Istanbul , exports plus size blouses from Turkey to the whole world. It acts with a manufacturing structure prepared by taking into account the customer requests in the production process. The production departments of our company, which is a partner to many brands from Europe and America, are as follows. 


  • Large Size Design Department: We design dozens of models every day in the R&D department where 4 chief designers are involved. 
  • Large Size Model Shop: Mold is a very important element in the manufacturing sector and our company tries on special large size molds with our rehearsal mannequins, providing a great fit for the user.
  • Slaughterhouse: The fabrics purchased in high quality are checked before entering the cutting process in our factory, and then our professional staff takes our models, whose molds have been prepared, to the cutting process.
  • Sewing and garment: Our products are sewn on our overlock, hem, singer, private labeling machines. All sewn products are prepared by hand and the cleaning process is done. 
  • Crystal Stone and Press: Our products come to our pressing workshop to process stone models. All stones used in this unit are crystal. It does not fall or wear out. 
  • Embroidery: Embroidery is a popular detail in Large Size Blouse products, our company provides the highest quality service with its internal embroidery department.
  • Digital printing: In this section where our products are printed, any desired pattern and printing type is applied to our products. 
  • Ironing: Before the packaging process, the ironing process is carried out, the products that are in the final control are taken to the ironing process after the control stage and corrected and dimensioned. 
  • Packaging: Our products coming to the package section are prepared according to the desired package specifications, and are put into lot packages. 

If you Plus Size Clothing products made by your brand or company, you can work with us if you want to buy wholesale. 


Wholesale Plus Size Clothing from Turkey 

Kazee, one of Turkey's most rooted companies, is a manufacturer and wholesaler. It makes 80% of its wholesale sales abroad. Mainly European countries, America, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Angola, Spain, France, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and many countries who wholesaler women's plus size shipping. The products you have ordered are exported to all countries of the world via cargo. Our foreign customer representatives work in professional service . You can get service in English, Russian, Arabic, French, Turkish, Moldavian, Polish. We do wholesale from Turkey to the whole world. You can buy our goods in our wholesale store in İstanbul, Laleli. 


Wholesale Plus Size Blouse Prices  

We offer high quality and price competition in our plus size products. Our price policy is very competitive compared to the materials we use. superior quality and reasonable price policy. It varies according to the materials used, workmanship and accessory status of various models. wholesale customers with special discounts.the orders you will place at special prices offer opportunities to our customers with the principle of applying large quantities.


Wholesale Plus Size Mother Blouse Models

Modern mothers and young mothers, blouses, which are among the indispensable clothing models of Kazee brand, is one of the leading companies of the mother group. Our brand, which has a wide collection, offers various models to its customers. We are at the forefront with the designs of our current models in this field, where we serve with multi-colored, printed and various molds. mom plus size blouse models!


Plus Size Blouse Wholesale from Turkey

We carry out all of our blouse production in our factory in Turkey. You can get our large size blouse models that we produce with cotton, viscose and wool fabrics from our website

Wholesale Large Size Blouse 

Crystal stones can comfortably go to dinner, wedding, party or an invitation with our clothes designed as evening dresses withThis advantageous stone blouse collection has designs that can be worn comfortably in daily life. In other words, the product you bought is a blouse suitable for both daytime and special occasions. 

  • All the stones we use are crystal glass.
  • The stones used are DMC.
  • It never falls.
  • It never turns yellow.
  • It can never be deformed.
  • Especially produced in our factory.

Special Production Privileges

Thanks to the advantages offered by Kazee, you can order the product types you want to include in your store with your special brand logo and labels. special production option. For this, it is sufficient to specify your special production notes when creating an order or contact Kazee support.


Wholesale XL Size Blouse

If you are looking for wholesale plus size blouse options to offer for sale in your business, you can easily do your wholesale shopping by taking advantage of Kazee.


Easy and Fast Wholesale Shopping

wholesale women's clothing Kazee, which operates in the field ofYou can also order the most suitable wholesale plus size blouse models for your business through Kazee online store and present them to your customers.

Kazee has been producing and wholesale women's clothing since 1992 and exports its products to the whole world. 

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