Human Resources

In 1993, Sn. It was founded by
 Kamil Tunaz. Our company, which has adopted quality, difference and customer satisfaction as the main principle since its establishment in women's clothing, has been operating as a manufacturer company for more than 20 years. The main element of human resources policy is the placement of the right people in the right positions. As a company that aims to train its own managers, attention is paid to the training and development of employees, and the continuity of change and development is believed. An appropriate environment is provided in which employees can use their competencies and knowledge without any differences. All applications made to our company are evaluated with fairness in accordance with the Privacy Policy.Every” Kazee " is an important part of the team.


Customer Orientation
Effective Communication
Continuous Learning & Development
Being Open To Change
Creativity & Innovation
Result & Solution Focus


In order for employees to adapt quickly to the company, it starts with an orientation program and continues with training to develop technical and personal skills. In addition, it cooperates with experienced and leading educational institutions in its field for different trainings for the needs of employees.

We are innovative

We draw our strength from our differences, creativity and innovation.
We create development opportunities and attach importance to feedback and self-criticism.
As an idea and practice leader in the industry, we set the agenda.

We can be trusted

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer the most appropriate solutions to the needs of our customers.
We work with a team that is perfectionist, committed to their work, focused on developing their personal and professional competencies that use their potential at the highest level, and is responsible.
We share our decisions through transparent communication.
We give our customers high level of confidence with our sales and after-sales services.

We are perfectionist

We make investments that add value to society and future generations.
We share responsibility with life, success and challenges through joy and sadness.
Gives value to each other. We believe in success together.
We work with all our Might and are proud and happy to achieve the challenge.

We'RE brave

We direct the market with our original products and services, new solutions, and increase competition.
We provide solutions quickly and implement them.
We aim for success in all conditions, we fight without intimidation.


Our integrated plant in Istanbul also produces.


We perform with designers in France and Italy and our designer staff in our factory.


We serve from our wholesale stores in Laleli, Istanbul.


It is sold in the most exclusive stores of Turkey.

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