Wholesale Clothing Turkey
Wholesale Clothing Turkey
23 Kasım 2021

Wholesale Clothing Turkey,

KAZEE, a wholesale clothing manufacturer and wholesaler, is a Reel Tekstil company.

It exports wholesale women's clothing to the whole world with its marketing department.

Knitted weaving, Crystal stone, Digital printing, Embroidery, Apparel, Ironing packages are available in our company, whose factory is located in Topkapi.

Kazee, which has a 3000 mt factory, has been continuing its production in Tüekiye, Istanbul for 35 years.

The products it produces;

Knitwear, combed cotton, blouse, trousers, skirt, dress, jeans, jacket etc. is

KAZEE, one of the leading companies of Women's Clothing, is a REEL TEXTILE Company.

Turkey's Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer KAZEE.

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