Kazee 17131

Wholesale Women's Dress Buttoned Oversize Colorful Pattern - 17131 | KAZEE

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Wholesale Women's Dress Buttoned Oversize Colorful Pattern - 17131 | KAZEE

Set Quantity: 3 Pieces

Sizes: Size 44- Size 46- Size 48- Size 50

Product Content : 100% Cotton

95% Viscose

% Elastico

Wholesale Women's Buttoned Oversize Colorful Patterned Dress

Thank you for being a member of Kazee Official, the wholesale site of our Wholesale Women's Clothing Store. Kazee is a 28-Year-old Turkish Women's Clothing Brand. Our location is in Istanbul Turkey. For Information and Order about our products you like, please contact WhatsApp. We send your orders to the whole world by Cargo. Wholesale clothing Turkey, Online wholesale clothing company. Kazee Laleli is a company that has two stores in its wholesale center. Our company is the leading company in the wholesale women's clothing industry. Our company is Turkey's largest exporting wholesale women's clothing manufacturer. Our company exports its products from Istanbul, Laleli to the whole world. Your wholesale orders are sent all over the world. We sell wholesale women's clothing in Laleli, abroad, to Turkey and to the whole world. Online Wholesale Clothing Company.
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