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Wholesale Oversize Shirt with Pockets and Shiny Stones

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Shirts, Blouses With our new season products, this season with our favorite shirts,
fluffy sleeves, fun flywheels with many different color options
you will be the new star of the fashion scene. We produce for you at Kazee.
Product Information
Kazee 2020'21 Spring / Summer Collection
Color Information: Ecru, Black
Model Dimensions: Size 44
Additional Information: Our product has long sleeves, asymmetric cut slits on the front and it is processed with dmc crystal stones. There is 1 pocket, the pocket is zippered, the part on the back is embroidered with writing and dmc crystal stones.
Product Content: 80% Polyester
                        20% Cotton
Package Include: Size 44 1 Piece
                             Size 46 1 Piece
                             Size 48 1 Piece
                              Size 50 1 Piece
Washing Instruction: It is washed by hand and at 30 °.
Wash by turning the product upside down.
It is ironed with mild heat.
It is suitable for dry cleaning.
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