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New Season Wholesale Oversize Women's Shirt Models
Wholesale Women's Clothing Kazee 2020'21 Spring / Summer Collection
Thank you for being a member of our Wholesale Women's Clothing Store Kazee Official. Kazee is a 28-year-old Turkish Women's Clothing Brand. Our location is in Istanbul, Turkey. Please contact WhatsApp for information and order about our products you like. We send your orders to all over the world by Cargo.
Wholesale clothing Turkey, Online wholesale clothing company KAZEE. Kazee Laleli is a company that has two wholesale stores in its wholesale center with more than 30 years. Our company is a leading company in the wholesale women's clothing industry. Our company is the most exporting wholesale women's clothing manufacturer in Turkey. Our company exports its products from Istanbul, Laleli to all over the world. Your wholesale orders are sent all over the world.
Our oversized women's shirt model is buttoned from the front, details on the standard collar and embroidery dmc crystal stone embroidered

Product Content: 97% Cotton
3% Lycra
Package Include: Size 44 - 1 Piece
Size 46 - 1 Piece
48 Size - 1 Piece
Size 50 - 1 Piece

Washing Instruction: It is washed by hand and delicately at 30 °.
Turn the product upside down and wash it.
It is ironed with mild heat.
It is suitable for dry cleaning.

Kazee, a Turkish wholesale women's clothing brand, has two wholesale clothing stores in Istanbul Laleli. Our company, which has been serving since 1993, exports its products from Istanbul Laleli to the whole world. You can see Kazee's new models on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and YouTube.

Kazee, a Turkish brand of wholesale women's clothing, has two wholesale clothing stores in Laleli, Istanbul. Our company, which has been serving since 1993, exports its products to the whole world from Istanbul, Laleli. You can see the new models of Kazee on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and YouTube.

Kazee, турецкий бренд оптовой женской одежды, имеет два оптовых магазина одежды в Лалели, Стамбул. Наша компания, работающая с 1993 года, экспортирует свою продукцию по всему миру из Стамбула, Лалели. Вы можете увидеть новые модели Kazee в Facebook, Telegram, Instagram и YouTube.

Оптом женская одежда . Женские водолазки, Лалели. Wholesale Women's Clothing Manufacturers in Turkey Купить одежду оптом из Стамбула | Оптовый рынок одежды | производитель одежды оптовый торговец KAZEE.Вы можете купить женскую одежду оптом из Стамбула, вы можете заказать оптом онлайн производитель одежды компания KAZEE из Стамбула, Лалели.

Kazee ، ماركة تركية للملابس النسائية بالجملة ، لها متجرين لبيع الملابس بالجملة في لاليلي ، اسطنبول ، شركتنا التي تخدم منذ عام 1993 ، تصدر منتجاتها إلى العالم كله من اسطنبول ، لاليلي

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